Gold ranked players quiting before first wave.

So me and my friend decided before first wave where we were going to have our trap room. We were playing Sabotage. Our team mate decided they didn't like that so decided to just quit. I even said "No thanks" to their idea. This person was gold 4 please can we have immediate down ranking for those who quit on their team.
We decided to battle through and won the sabotage match without them.
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  • Maybe we should have unraked mode so ppl will play for fun only for fun. The rank system is making ppl mad so far XD I myself sometimes get a bit sad when loosing "/ But I play with my friends and guildies and I Don't have any intention to q up alone anytime soon.

    It is bad to hear what happened to you Effing, glad that you made it tho :D
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    Kind of an inevitable outcome, and I'd expect this to become far more common. You get very little reward from just playing a match out, with the best rewards being the quest for 2 wins. So if someone ends up in a match with lower level players, or people playing in ways they considers sub-optimal, for some people it's just a waste of time. Just something that comes with the territory of a competitive mode in a F2P game, even if it was intended as a silly party mode, a lot of people are going to take it far too seriously.
  • There will be always people acting like that. But if matchmaking is affected by Elo it will happen less and less the better your Elo gets. 
  • welcome to online games.
  • Unfortunately, this is the attitude that many people have in online games. "Oh you don't want to do what i want, Better leave and try to screw you over." It happens in every game the best bet is to just report them and move on with having fun.
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     or people playing in ways they considers sub-optimal, for some people it's just a waste of time. 
    This is why I really hate having to matchmake with pugs, if just one person decides to play like an idiot it is automatically a 2v3, or 2 people against the AI balanced around 3. So often you just get people setting up traps wherever they feel like where others are obivously barricading off. 

    Either that, or you get an overpowere dperson ony ur team that just carries you because they did p2w or are lvl 100 playing warmage matches for some reason.
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