Endless score multiplier for each wave over 5 is currently broken

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According to the 2.0 patch notes players are supposed to receive a 15% bonus to score per wave over 5 (which implies that it should be additive) but instead players are currently receiving a multiplicative increase that compounds per wave [1.15^(wave number + 1 - 5)].  So, for example, getting to wave 25 would multiply the total kill score by ~19 (1.15^(25 + 1 - 5)) instead of 4 ((25 - 5)*0.15+1); getting to 32 multiplies the score by ~50 instead of ~5.  Here's a spreadsheet screenshot that shows how the different scoring systems scale with wave number (assuming 100 minions per wave and only 50 score per kill for simplicity):

This screenshot makes it pretty obvious that the multiplier should be additive and not multiplicative because on wave 25 the additive bonus would be a nice, clean 4x which is EXACTLY the same as the 'zero rift points lost' bonus that players get on survival maps instead (and since the endless bonus replaces the 'zero rift points lost' bonus it would make logical sense for it to also be a 4x).  With an additive multiplier the bonus will reach around 8x multiplier at 50 waves (which puts the multiplier in-line with the 8x no death bonus) but the multiplicative (current) bonus would be a 619x multiplier (which is just absurd and makes no logical sense).  Also the fact that it's so easy to hit the maximum 32 bit int value (see my other bug report thread) with the multiplicative bonus further reinforces that this bonus is supposed to be additive. 

Needless to say, fixing this problem will necessitate an endless leaderboard reset also.

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    As far as I know it's multiplicative, not additive. How have you tested it?
  • SeanPoeSeanPoe Member, Early Access
    As far as I know it's multiplicative, not additive. How have you tested it?
    I updated my post to be more clear about what i meant.  The TL;DR is basically that it's very clearly supposed to be an additive bonus but it's currently multiplicative. 
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    Also another bug is the current multiplicative multiplier is being calculated by using the wave number you get to rather than the wave number you actually finish.  So say you get to wave 25 (wave 25 shown at the top during the game) but you fail to finish it so wave 24 is shown in the post-game scoreboard, the game instead calculates the multiplier using wave 25 instead of wave 24. 

    That's why the formula above is:

    1.15^(wave number + 1 - 5)

    instead of:

    1.15^(wave number - 5)

    So even if for some reason the devs were wanting to use a multiplicative multiplier it's also being calculated wrong. 
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    @ShadeDev took a look and the numbers here are supposed to compound.
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