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Are there any plans to change the progression system to where you can work towards leveling whichever traps you like/use? Random progression doesn't work at all with this kind of game.

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  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I'd like to add that the actual restricting resource are the skulls not the trap cards.

    If you try to upgrade everything or buy all heroes you won't have enough skulls, but if you upgrade the traps you like the most and buy some heroes, you will be able to keep upgrading them at a decent pace all your way through the battlegrounds.

    And in case you are high level and have many surplus of cards of common/uncommon rarities and want to upgrade the rare/epic ones, next patch will have a feature that will help with that, called premium shoppe where you will be able to buy chests of rare/epic traps with the surpluses of other traps.
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    I've not bought any chests with cash (mind you, I've bought some skulls... but not the point). Almost all my common and uncommon traps are t6 & t7. I have a bunch of T5 & T4 (with what I assume is rare and epic, I can't say as I've checked lately). I have 3 T3's. I have all traps unlocked, so overall that's a good spread. And that's without the premium shoppe coming in an upcoming patch, which will take a bunch of my excess cards away for more rare/epics. Overall, Should be fine.
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