Exploitable bug: totems inside wall in sabotage

GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
Played a team that placed all their totem in a corner behind a wall that made the totem unkillable. Clearly intentional by the team incidentally hence it's being used as an exploit.


  • nthornnthorn Member
    i didnt know enemy team could kill totems. I havent had a totem destroyed by minions since they made them big. what are we looking for? the health bar at the wall charger?
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Yes totem based sabotage cards are killable. The health bar of the totems in this case are not visible as they are behind the wall, but you can see the red and green auras that are caused by the totems, so one can guess quite well where the totems are actually centered which is just behind the wall corner.
  • nthornnthorn Member
    edited April 21
    i see now. i thought you were talking about stinkeye
  • Placing a totem at that spot is not funny at all 
    • It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.
  • There's another on corridors in the middle lane on the right hand side of the gate. Melee heroes couldn't hit it but max could.
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Restricted section's library shelves are also a spot. Can you kill them with AoE?
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  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access
    Thank you for the reports, we've got these locations documented and are working on a fix.
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