I'm putting alot of work to reach a high score in sabotage game mode until i play with some noobs that had neved played this game and unrank me in a single game. WTF !
So i have an idea to stop this because its unfair ... It's to make a minimum level to play sabotage like level 50.


  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    While I agree that a basic level requirement should be put on sabotage, I think 50 is a bit steep.

    Though for now, remember that you usually wouldn't get matched with them. The system just isn't tuned enough (that will happen over time) to distinguish your rank from theirs.
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  • MokStarMokStar Member
    Omfg nothing changed always the same problem im playing sabotage with fucking noobs and i loose 3/4 of my match by their fault wow. 
    Or the matching system should match people with a limit of difference level... Sorry for my bad english but for exemple you make the matching systeme with a difference of 30 level so a level 100 will never play with noobs people under lvl 69 it will be more fair
    wow this is not serious
  • A level requirement will be coming next update. But we don't know what it is at the moment.
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