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So if you are starting or a older player, here are some game tips.
I am trying to pretend that I know what I am talking about. So please correct me in the replies if I get something wrong and I will edit this.

Things to do first (Once you have mastered the controls):
  • First starting off try and get the minions to walk as far as possible when placing barricades.
  • When placing traps, It is always good to pick a trap room. This a place which needs to have minions from most of the gates (or all gates) going through it. A good trap room also has places where you can place floor, wall and ceiling traps. This also helps when building combo. Don't be afraid of changing the trap room or barricades, to speed up the minions to get par time.
  • The next step is keeping an eye on the map. This will indicate all minions. Minions with yellow icons can destroy barricades. These can be bombers or Grenadiers or Bomber Archers. My tip is if you see bombers go out and kill them yourself (or place bait barricades for them). Grenadiers retreat they will walk over barricades and they will not take away points. Also retreat when you see Bomber archers try and let them be killed by your traps.
  • Final step is listen. Hunters, bombers and grenadiers have a unique sound that plays when they spawn. Get to know this sound so you know when to look at the map for those minions. (but maybe not for hunters)
Damage types: All damage dealt to minions are one of these 5 damage types
  • Physical (BlackPaw, Bionka, BloodSpike, Dobbin, Ivy, Midnight, Temper(primary attack), Deadeye) Physical damage has a small chance to stun the enemy.
  • Arcane (Gabriella, Oziel, Stinkeye, Zoey(When on correct book)) Arcane damage has a slight stacking effect(longer you shoot an enemy the more damage you do). So try and focus one enemy at a time with these heroes.
  • Fire (Smolder, Zoey(on correct book), some of Tempers moves) Fire damage can set the target on fire this causes damage per second. So my tip with these Heroes is to switch targets. Setting them on fire also causes the effect of speeding up the target a little bit.(Not sure on this though). Fire damage also does 50% more damage to ice minions.
  • Lightning (Maximilian, Cygnus, Zoey(on correct book)) Lightning damage can stun the target, and also cause an damage area effect when a minion dies from it.
  • Ice (Hogarth, Tundra, Zoey(on correct book)) Ice damage can cause the enemies to freeze. It also does 50% more damage to Fire Minions.
  • There are a couple of exceptions to some of these Heroes. Also all damage traps, gears and guardians can also be categorised into these Damage types.
What to spend skulls on/ What should I bring to a match?
Don't spend your skulls until you know what you are buying. Try out heroes you haven't played in the weekly challenge. I think when getting started choose a few floor traps, and a few wall traps and a few ceiling traps, and barricades they are crucial. Only upgrade these traps when you can. You need a few good traps to compare to other players. Then save up your skulls to buy a hero you like the look of. All heroes have positives and negatives, so pick the ones you think would enjoy. Once you get the heroes you want then start thinking about upgrading other traps. 

Other tips:
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, On global chat or on this forum. Even players who have played for years sometimes don't know the answers.
  • Do /? in the in game chat to see a list of commands to use.
  • Press C in game to use quick commands. 
  • There is a quick button to switch on and off players being able to sell your traps. Check key bindings. It is different for different players.
  • If you want some fancy skins, save up the free gold you get as daily bonuses. 
  • Don't rage when losing. Try and learn from mistakes. 
  • Have fun.
Think of any good tips yourself add them below. 
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New? Here are some Game Tipz.
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    EffingWorms, thank you very much for those great tips, very useful!
    French Community Manager
  • I thought up some more stuff/ researched.
    • Using fire damage on fire enemies decreases damage by 50%
    • And Using Ice damage on Ice enemies decreases damage by 50%
    • Pirate Minions are faster and have more damage. But as a downside they have less health than normal minions. 
    • If you want in depth Info on minions check out the Minion Field guide--->>The Minion Field Guide This is a nearly complete guide on minions and bosses.
    • Try to place guardians on their home, they will get a boost if you do so.
    • If you ever get stuck on a map to kill yourself use Alt+K
    • To remove the UI in game use Alt+H
    • To see par times for maps and time taken for maps use Tab in game. 
    • To look at what buffs you are getting above your health bar. Hold ctrl this will allow you move your cursor around the UI without moving the camera.
    • To see what traps belong to who, hold Z and look at them.
    Sabotage tips:
    • I recommend playing all the apprentice levels before starting this mode. It adds a new level of difficulty on top of survival games. So you will need to get the hang of them first.
    • Placing extra barricades on some lanes as decoys for bombers is useful for dealing with them.
    • The best time to place your spells is when the enemy is at their weakest. 
    • Re-roll your minions and spells before sudden death, So you can try to get something great.
    • On Sudden death don't place your minions straight away, your rivals are weaker later on so wait a little bit and freak them out when their trap room is already full of minions. 
    • Don't panic when minions get to your rift. Try to kill as many as possible. 1 point might be what keeps you from winning or losing at the end of the match.
    • Look at the enemies map by using tab. If you have no idea where to place barricades, copy what they are doing.
    Have fun playing!
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    New? Here are some Game Tipz.
  • Here is more information / tips.
    Tar vs Viscous Tar: I was confused for a while about this when I started. So it is good that everyone knows. 
    • Tar effects only last for as long a minion is standing on the Tar. 
    • Viscous tar effects continue to effect the minion once they have left the viscous tar. This makes it more expensive. This means in a trap room. You can have Viscous Tar followed by another floor trap. With just Tar you would have to cover the whole floor to get the same effect.

    Basic hero guides (For information on the moves and weaver upgrades, read up on them in the workshop):
    • Maximilian: He is an easy to play hero. Stay out of combat, until you use can't touch this, then go in close and take minion aggro. I recommend the stunning bolt followed by a "In your faces" this means that you won't miss the "in your faces" attack. Also once you get the "so beautiful it hurts" upgrade you can deal extra damage to stunned minions. Also he is good at clearing unstable rifts using his "In your faces".
    • Maximilian upgrades, I pick Extra money first upgrade for more traps. Second I pick "In your faces" extra damage, to deal massive damage to bosses and mercs spawning. Third upgrade I pick extra damage to stunned minions, for the stun shotgun. Final upgrade I pick chaining primary attack, more damage boost.
    • Temper: A bit harder to play with. Stay in combat, as your rage bar fills, use hammer slam on large groups of enemies. For the Area of effect and setting the enemies on fire. Use your secondary to pick off enemies at long range. Setting up a straight trap room is a good idea for Temper, due to his Bull Rush he can knock back all the minions, once the minions are in your trap room. I recommend using Bull Rush as soon as it comes up, because it is his best move. But you have to be careful around ledges, because you might fall in with Bull Rush. Use Happy place when you have to get to unstable rifts or bombers.
    • Temper upgrades, I have two sets of upgrades I choose with Temper. First one is for when you have a straight trap room or on Endless. 1st upgrade is bull rush stuns heavies. They will be your hardest enemies to kill so it is good to stun them. 2nd upgrade is removing rage decay, this gives you a lot more rage to use your moves. 3rd upgrade is increasing knock back of bull rush. This is helpful for throwing minions off the edge. And the final upgrade I choose is 2x damage for bull rush, more damage the better :)   Second set of upgrades for damage rather than knock back. 1st Increase number of enemies being aggroed by rage of the forge. More damage when getting a full rage bar. 2nd I remove rage decay again. 3rd I pick Hammer slam triggers floor traps. Very good when on flip traps. Final upgrade I pick extra damage on rage of the forge. For that more damage. 
    • Blackpaw: Another easy hero to play. Stay in combat, whenever wound the prey comes up use it. Due to the increased damage. When you go onto low health use the bite, try not to miss. Don't use your bite for damage, use it for the life steal. A good Blackpaw player never dies. When being shot either leap towards them or retreat back to your trap room. Use leap to get to the unstable rifts. Blackpaws best move is the wound the prey.
    • BlackPaw upgrades, You first start with the increased wound the prey time. More damage :) 2nd upgrade get slow on wound the prey. You don't want them to run away when you kill them, also good for trap rooms. 3rd pick I vary but usually pick no mana cost on leap. Due to being able to get around fast. Final upgrade on endless or on sabotage I pick life steal on the primary it means you can happily sit in the enemies all day long. Or on survival I pick extra damage when on low health. Due to more damage :)
    I might due more of these basic hero guides soon. It just takes time. Have fun playing. 

    Also extra tip do /defeated in game for the best animations  ;)
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
    New? Here are some Game Tipz.
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    Also extra tip do /defeated in game for the best animations  ;)
    Best tip ever ! :D
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    Hit the apostrophe key ( ' key) to toggle making your traps sellable by others on/off. You can also find this in the in-game options menu, but it takes longer to find that way. When others sell your traps, you get the money back.

    Par times can now be set to show permanently on screen in your in-game options menu.
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