Plans to keep new players in the game

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This game has many issues, but my main concern is the measure to keep new players in the game.
Positive reviews from game testers and/or popular YT and twitch personalities can't keep a game alive. We look at "No mans sky".
New player like the first couple of hours, but they realize the grind. Reaching a high level for what?
Repeating a level until it's 5 stared is not motivational as progress.
There is a need for progress. Not just going for RNG and hoping to get all or the desired traps and reaching higher difficulties.
A story mode as in OMD2 and some kind of RPG elements might keep some people in the game for longer. Of course the numbers will grow, that's out of question, but the grind will drive out the majority of new players.

This is not just salt. I'm genuinely curios if there are any plans to keep new players in the game. All that I see are improvements for player who already reached lvl 90+, which are not even the majority of the community. It feels like the majority (low lvl and new player) are left alone.


  • Well for PS4 I'd say it's even harder, since the game lacks any kind of communication and most people just quit after like 10 sabotage matches, since you cannot coordinate at all. I am gradually getting bored by the game since I always get vexed at my teammates for not doing anything.  Just rarely in some cases when I get matched with players who know what to do, the game stops being boring and I start to have fun. But as I said, that is rarely! 
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