Marking Traps As Favorites

Trying to find traps that are not already included in your loadout is a nightmare when you are trying to start quickly. Being able to mark situational traps like "Flip Trap" as favorites would save players from a lot of headache.

Favoriting traps could also help in the workshop; trying to find the traps you use tends to be time-consuming at the moment.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    They are ordered by Tier and Alphabetically.
  • SiyonnSiyonn Member
    While that is true, it doesn't dismiss the fact that favoriting would make the progress smoother. 
  • I miss being able to order my traps in a logical and useful fashion.  This is one of the many great things in the prior games missing in the current itteration.

  • Or maybe Filter by location type (floor, wall, ceiling)
  • SmorcMeGoFaceSmorcMeGoFace Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment

    Those are great suggestions! Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding this. Filters/favorites would certainly help with clarity when searching in your traps. 

    I will pass along the feedback,
    French Community Manager
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