The Survival Matchmaking has a massive flaw, and you can fix it!

I've got all the chests on Rift Lord Baths. All the hero chests, all five stars. And yet, twice today I was put into that map by Matchmaking.

It's a waste of about eight minutes if I dodge (5 in penalty, 90 seconds each time to queue up), a waste of thirteen minutes (11 in-game, 2 for the timer+champion selection) if I fight it out. Which, I might add, is not fun. It's just boring. I grab Bionka, I sit literally in the gate, and I hold down R2. The last time I did it I was nearly kicked for inactivity, because I don't even have to MOVE to clear Baths. Even once you nerf Bionca, I can do the same with Midnight given a couple potions. For which, I get ~200 Skulls (because I'm on the Survival Pass; it would only be ~100 without) and about 70 EXP (or, just about 5% of what I need to level).

And, it's not JUST Baths. I've got all but one chest in both Throne Room and Banquet Hall, now (all three of these maps, coincidentally, have a choke point that I can stand in for 90% of the match while holding R2 to clear the waves). In a couple days, over 20% of RL matches I queue for will not give me a chest. Meaning, it will actually be more efficient for me to solo my way through the maps than to do matchmaking.

This is a flaw with the current system. Here's a few solutions I've come up with:
  • Let us refuse to play a particular map via the Dashboard
  • Let us queue for only specific maps via the Dashboard
  • Let us request a change of map once we've been matched with a team
  • Let us reset the "Hero Victory Chests" after getting all of them on a particular map
  • Remove the Dodge timer
  • Let us buy chests with Skulls
  • Provide a "Hero Secondary Victory Chest" which is somewhat worse than the standard Victory Chest
While all of those are technically solutions to this particular problem (although for the record, I don't particularly like all of them), there's a larger issue here that has to be addressed. OMDU has no end-game. I'm not going to get into that right now, but it's something you should think about if you're looking into a fix for this issue. 


  • Well I just think you came up with the worse idea known to man. "Remove the Dodge timer"

    Also don't be surprised when you get kicked for being AFK.

    They do have something in planning which will give an unlimited of chests. But at the moment it is all wrapped up in development.
    I am content with the premium shop, and am happy waiting for this thing in planning.
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  • For the chest have not listen to the last insider yet so I cannot say, but they hinted a few times that something was in the works like Effing said.
    If they drop the queue dodge penalty, then player will just quit if they don`t like the map, if they do't like the level o another player, so most game won't finish with 3 player..

    You might want to look at this thread:

    So Bath is level 46-52 recommended
    And the queue takes the average level.
    example: if you`re 60 and you get matched with a 41 an 48, the average will be = 49
    So you will always get the starting maps of Rift Lord, unless you get paired with someone higher 
  • Having the matchmaker prefer a map that everyone has at least one hero chest they can get seems like a fix that wouldn't be the most difficult to implement. 
  • xombobxombob Member
    I hope they do something about this too.. The only reason why I even bothered with survival matchmaking was to get the daily reward, but I kept getting put to Eventide Ramparts and Ive done it with ALL heroes and also 5 starred it.

    Why cant you select which map you want to join?

    But then again I wish the whole quest was just "win 2 survival games" because I play with friends anyway so suddenly trying to match with random people I dont know seems a bit weird. Dont wanna do the sabotage quest either because the rewards you get from it are pointless apart from the daily chest.
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