Remove / Rework The Baths from Sabotage

I just do a Sabotage in the map The Baths

About 1 hour. It's the time we make to finish the Sudden Death.

This map definitly need to be remove or to have a rework.


  • SeanPoeSeanPoe Member, Early Access
    Or they can fix the two things that are actually broken and make this possible. 

    They're already fixing the guardian thing that your team is using in 2.1 by adding a damage cap to guardian attacks.  (Idk if you guys are using this, I only think this based on the damage stats.  Your team's damage is incredibly low so you were probably using the guardians to kill most of the heavy enemies.)

    And nerf ivy more.  The 2.1 changes to ivy aren't enough to stop her from being able to knock every single enemy into the water with her RMB.  Honestly, as much as it kills the fun of playing ivy, her RMB really needs a rework.
  • If anything the 2.1 changes might make it worse.  At least w/ root spam we had to come out of hiding and be at risk of gnolls/pride hunters killing you.  Now we will learn the RMB CD weaver instead and just spam it from safe locations.

    On the topic of Bath map, it is also the most unbalanced when it comes to high levels vs low levels.  Starting gold is extremely low, so higher lvl players w/ their +500 gold parts can turn wave 1 into a joke.  Meanwhile the low levels w/o the part can't afford decent defenses and get over-run by trolls/giants/ogres.
  • SchaoxSchaox Member
    edited May 2017
    We just use the right click from Ivy. The guardians were sleeping xD

    I agree, the +500 gold part is too strong.

    I agree with both of you, Ivy need some nerfs.
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