Show position/punctuation in Sabotage Rankings

On Sabotage, the Ranking is shown as below

My humbly suggestion is to show people's rank as their global/friendlist placar OR at least showing their Elo points, like this:

That would be easier for lower ranked players (*cough*) to know where they're placed at.

P.S: cr4zy ph0t0sh0p sk1LLz


  • HuskeyHuskey Member
    It is a simple QoL update that shouldn't be too hard to implement, I don't see why not. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    damn I got all excited I thought I was number one... but nooo... i'm only number 6 :'(


    Also, yeah agreed with this suggestion... Although it might discourage people who are #789, no? :/
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