Adding a PAUSE feature when a teammate disconnects

I don't know if this is a feature already that I do not know of or has been suggested so apologies in advance.

I've just recently lost a 2v2 match in Sabotage where I got disconnected right before the gate opens at Wave 1. My net connection was perfectly fine back then but for some reason, I just got a "Disconnected from Server" prompt on my dashboard. I was immediately thrown back in the match when I reopened the game and my teammate unfortunately wasn't able to hold much of the rift. 

The whole sequence where I got disconnected and reconnected was all within a minute.

Would it then be possible if a PAUSE feature would be implemented in the following patches whenever a teammates suddenly disconnects? A good 20-30 second pause would be enough that's limited to 1 pause per teammate and where your teammates having the option to unpause right before the pause ends.
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