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level 97 and was just matched with someone who had grey traps and had no idea how to play.  Please fix match making in your next patch if you are going to require wins for your daily sabotage quest or change it to "play" so people can at least advance their quest when paired with people like this.
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    If you are matched with this player, then no better matches were available.
    Doug Houserman
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  • FYI, a lower level player will lower the minion difficulty making them easier for you kill.
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    A level 97 and 98 matched with a  level 10 who literally has never played corridors with all grey traps and a level 2 spiketrap being put on corridors cant be the best match out there right after the patch.  I was in queue with Remake for less then 3 mins and it found that as the "best match".  The guys didn't even know how to use the chat feature in game or to sell his traps. Never mind the fact that the patch notes said it would put teams with low levels on easier maps and it gives the highest level one.  Honestly I was really hoping this patch would fix the glaring issues with the Match making system, but clearly it has not.   I'm about to give up on queuing without a full premade team due to the quality of the matches it finds.
  • But the matchmaker doesn't match on level but rank. If you level 90+ and still playing placement matches then it would make sense since it doesn't know how good you are. Also if you are silver then it would match you with silver players.
  • But if you can't win because your partners are bad, then you can't improve the rank.

    It is really annoying in the last waves I have got a lot of coins, but I can't put my 7th level traps because the partners have completed the limit with cheap traps, spike floors and arrow walls. 
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    Tell your partners in advance to focus on barricading, I guess.  Though you'll have to go through what you want your barricade set up to be in advance before the first Z, which can be annoying.  Most people I met these days know at least the basics of barricading though.  It's pretty rare for me to run into a completely all new person.

    Really, to repeat from the other thread, I really think they should just change the sabotage quest to require only reaching the end of the final round instead of winning.  By that point everyones' clearly tried their best (or at least, tried hard enough) anyways.  Trying to fix this via fixing the match making system has too many pros and cons (like having to wait too long to get people near your level) as opposed to simply changing the sabotage quest a little.
  • I don't play sabotage because it is too effort, a great frustration after losing time after time only to get a chest what give more gibs and uselles trap cards. 
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