The Skin Suggestion Thread



  • Honestly, just get in-contact with the McElroys an make Adventure Zone skins.
    Dobbin is already a lot like Merle, and Magnus is kind of like either Maximillan or Hogarth. 
    Not really anyone like Taako, unfortunately... he's 1 of a kind.
  • Girl Scout selling cookies Zoey
  • AxonyAxony Member
    I'm still hoping for  Blackflame Smolder.
    Nearly the same skin but with a black color for her fire spell and a more aggressive voice (yes more aggressive and swearing)
  • OMD2 Gnoll as blackpaw skin. One of the dyes could be the grenadier gnoll dye and the other one could be undead gnoll.
  • Can we have some skins of the early designs? 
    For Smolder: They both look awesome. But I prefer the one on the right. It has been discussed on some Insider accesses about making it into a skin.

    And can we have a skin for midnight that looks like this:

    It really gives Midnight the Amazonian look.

    And a new one:

    Cygnus as a Lollypop man.
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  • Fishing Zoey - slaps you with a large trout
  • SliqSliq Member
    Here's a couple of my ideas from last nights orcs after dark.
    Jedi Cygnus
    Hedgehog Tundra
    Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood Blackpaw
    Fairy Godmother Bionka

  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
    edited July 2017
    "You Dirty Rat" Gangster Max with Tommy gun

    Orchestra Conductor Temper

    Ben Franklin Cygnus

    Uncle Sam Cygnus
  • ElSolElSol Member
    Just a little joke, but how about a FC Arsenal Football Tricot (Soccer for the Americans) for Oziel, so he can become Mesut Özil?
  • Rich-man Cygnus (Contains tuxedo, top hat, monocle, a mustache, and his staff is replaced with a cane)
    Plague Doctor Oziel (Lyzander's costume in Oziel's default style)
    Dragon Smolder (Smolder's arms and legs looks more like a dragon's, with a dragon tail and horns attached)
    Witch doctor Stinkeye (Grass skirt with a tiki mask and shrunken heads)
  • Plumber skin - to stop the leaks
  • Cowboy Deadeye
  • yobbobear said:
    Cowboy Deadeye
    It is already created  ;)

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  • That suggestion was before the stream, good to see it happened. 
  • I do not know if you could do this due to copy right. However what if you made a Zoey Yooka Laylee skin. so Zoey would be the lizard and Febee is still a bat. When I saw the character it looked like a perfect fit.
  • Deadeye clown skin, with water pistols or a fake gun with the "bang" flag. It would be funny to watch the clown roll around all game. 
  • Deadeye court jester. 
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    Oziel should have a Death skin from Darksiders 2!
    To me he has a fair resemblance to him, so it would seem quite fitting.
    Death also uses magic and sorcery, so a skin that looks similar to him would be neat and Oziel needs more love and more skins!
    A fitting name for the skin would probably be "The Reaper", "Kinslayer" or "Executioner". (Quoting the introduction sequence of Darksiders II and the nicknames given to Death in it).


  • MashpotatersMashpotaters Member, Early Access
    @ShadowNinja5764  There's 4 horsemen so might as well go all in. If Oziel is Death, then War Mage can be War, Deadeye can be Strife, and Kobold King can be Fury, assuming he still has a whip if he ever comes back. Yes, I know Strife is male and Fury is female, but a little cross-dressing never hurt anyone. Blackpaw has his tutu. 
  • @Mashpotaters Yeah that sounds really, really awesome!


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