The Skin Suggestion Thread



  • Honestly, just get in-contact with the McElroys an make Adventure Zone skins.
    Dobbin is already a lot like Merle, and Magnus is kind of like either Maximillan or Hogarth. 
    Not really anyone like Taako, unfortunately... he's 1 of a kind.
  • Girl Scout selling cookies Zoey
  • AxonyAxony Member
    I'm still hoping for  Blackflame Smolder.
    Nearly the same skin but with a black color for her fire spell and a more aggressive voice (yes more aggressive and swearing)
  • OMD2 Gnoll as blackpaw skin. One of the dyes could be the grenadier gnoll dye and the other one could be undead gnoll.
  • Can we have some skins of the early designs? 
    For Smolder: They both look awesome. But I prefer the one on the right. It has been discussed on some Insider accesses about making it into a skin.

    And can we have a skin for midnight that looks like this:

    It really gives Midnight the Amazonian look.

    And a new one:

    Cygnus as a Lollypop man.
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