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  • when plumber dobbin is coming out? we need a plumber dobbin! XD
  • Would that mean his tunnels would turn into short green pipes?
  • zippygruntzippygrunt Member, Early Access
    How about a baby skin Dobbin? Diaper and the like with a rattle instead of a shovel. Make him look extra pissed about it too.
  • Skins for traps would be fun. Peanut Butter Tar....actual  bowling balls for the arcane bowling ball...snippy scissors for the wall blades
  • swordtutswordtut Member, Early Access
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    i wanted to throw some ideas for skins and dyes and what i feel would be better ways to sell them
    1)forget dyes and sell colors (people who have dyes get 2 colors per dye owned) make a ui so we can change the color on skins from colors we own. make a color only rng box like the skins we have (rng and you cant get the same color twice) and maybe put some in the normal chests (not every color maybe only the ones from dyes). you can also sell a all color pack and sell separate ones for 2x the price of the rng color box.
    2)if you don't like #1 dyes should have their own rng box.
    3)the skin boxes are nice but as i said in #2 should be separate from dyes but you should also sell skins in the shop for maybe 2-3x's the price of the rng boxes for people who don't like rng or only want a few skins. i notice the one has 3 skins and maybe an event/holiday one. if you keep them with only 3-4 skins just a rng box for these are fine.
    4)put promo skins in the rng for normal trap boxes for people without them and new comers.
    5)if you're keeping with pve you may want to split up outfits to say head, chest, leg, weapon parts and make new/sell stuff as sets or in parts and let players makeup outfits them self via the parts. 
    6)make cosmetic trap skins. like say for a holiday floor trap make it candy cans with the tips sharpened.
    7)if your keeping the rng trap chests let extra cards on maxed traps become scrap and let us use the scrap on traps we want and upgrades, also consumables for people with all traps maxed.
    feel free to comment or to add your own ideas
  • Zippygrunt - there is already a baby skin for Stinkeye. 
  • I don't know if anybody has mentioned it in here yet, but during the v1.6 charity preview stream somebody suggested Dobbin be a Data Miner. 
  • These are some skin ideas from EU before our forum gets deleted. These are ideas from TeddyBear AKA (DaTeddyBear). 
    But these are best Ideas nothing gets better.
    Teenage mutant ninja dobbin: Dobbin as a ninja turtle which probably has a lot of problems
    Spade as a ninja pole
    Tunnels as manhole/sewer covers
    Stinkeye Unicorn: Him dressed up as a unicorn.
    With all his totems and spells with rainbows
    Bone Max: (Maximilian but all skeleton)
    Fat Ivy: (Fat Ivy I guess this would change her hit box though)
    Young Cygnus:(Cygnus with the power of 1000 rift cores has aged him backwards)
    Angel Oziel:(Oziel where the souls go into heaven shiny and he has wings)

    My new ideas:
    Nun Zoey: She dresses as a nun and holds the Bible in her hands.
    Matrix Deadeye : Trench coat two pistols and sunglasses. End of the Matrix style.
    If you don't know who she is:

    Also people on EU have wanted Panda Tundra for years. Someone has recommended on here but the idea cannot beaten. 
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
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  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Comic nerd Zoey:

    Zoey has thick glasses, OMDU t-shirt and reads an OMDU comic book.
    Feebee is a manga style little dragon.

    Geometer Stinkeye:

    Totems are Prospector measuring poles
    Staff is a ruler
    Wears hardheat and outdoor worker gear

    Hippy Temper:

    Temper wears 70's style flower t-shirt
    Temper wields nerf hammers with flower patterns on them


    Wears toga and greek helmet

    Plush Tundra:

    No description needed.

    Ballet or Acrobat Midnight:

    Either ballet or acrobat outfit, weapons are weaving bands.

    Superhero Hogarth:

    Shield dons a giant H. Cape and mask.

  • An Order Outfit for Smolder!
  • An Order Outfit for Smolder!
    But she is unchained D:
  • SenatorBirdSenatorBird Member
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    Sci Fi skins!

    a skin with robot logo as a head 
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  • An Order Outfit for Smolder!
    But she is unchained D:
    What is the problem? There are an evil version of Ivy and Hogarth, why Smolder can't join to the Order (Good)?
  • I'm a Marvel Fan:

    A Wolverine-like skin for Blackpaw
    Smolder can be Phoenix or Firestar
    Bloodspike is Hulk
    Mindnight is Black Widow
    Cygnus or Oziel or Maximillian can replace Doctor Strange
    Hogarth can be Thor 
    Oziel-Iron Man?
    Gabriella-Clea? (Doctor Strange's wife)
  • Gabriella as Scarlet Witch!!!

  • Zoey little red riding hood. 
  • "Trench Warfare" Dobbin as a WWI German infantryman with an entrenching tool, spiked helmet, and a ton of grenades on his belt.
  • Grim reaper Oziel (Normal Oziel skin but with dark robes, dark purple smoke and a scythe that he attacks people with)
    Blacksmith Temper (Basically Temper wearing the blacksmith guardian's outfit, or something similar)
    Easter Dobbin (Comes with a bunny outfit and a carrot instead of a shovel)
    Dwarf Dobbin (Helmet with horns, a pickaxe replacing his shovel, metal gauntlets and a bag full of ore. Alternatively, dynamite.)
    Feral Midnight (Basically makes her look more like an animal, including furry paws, and cat-like face. Also attacks with her own paws instead of a knife)
    Robin hood Ivy (Title speaks for itself)
    Ice Elemental Tundra and/or Hogarth (Makes their bodies fused with an ice elemental)
    Fire Elemental Smolder (Same idea as the ice elemental tundra)
  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
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    Bluegrass Dobbin. He can whack orcs with his banjo. 

    Ivy - Angel, a harp replaces her bow, white gown and halo

    Stinkeye - "I put a spell on you" Screaming Jay Hawkins version

    Midnight - Futuristic Assassin, maybe Matrix style black suit or Tron style glowing

    Temper - Construction Worker Temper
    Dobbin - Construction Worker Dobbin

    Dobbin -Steam Train driver

    Temper - NFL style Temper

    Tundra - Snow skiing

    Gabby - Evil Halloween style witch, black robes and hat. Broom stick. 

    Blackpaw - superhero, with cape, coloured tights etc. 

    Zoey - Judge Zoey, so she can really "throw the book" at those orcs. 

  • DwarfuriousDwarfurious Member, Early Access
    Shovel Knight Dobbin

    Its an obvious candidate !
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