• I think it's more about the game mode/ Map, rather than a specific trap.
    In the short term you get faster Traps, but unfortunately the cooldown is missing when trapcap is reached.

    In my case, lightning traps are the main component of my deck and are equipped with double springs. Depending on the map / mode, "Lightning deals" comes into the deck.

  • @Jacowboy  I actually use a double spring in my Swinging mace.  The fact that you use a short is very interesting to me and Ill have to look into that.  When I take the swinging maces they are a lot of my damage in my current builds so Ill have to see the change in the CD to see if its noticeable.  Really wish the UI in this game displayed this sort of info as far as how parts effect traps and the change they cause to cds and other stats when you put them in. 
  • I'm not necessarily advocating putting them in the store, but something does need to be done. I'm level 80 and i bought several "part chests" with gibs. I still have not looted a single spring. 300+ matches. No springs
  • StraggyStraggy Member
    mdragoon said:
    Straggy said:
    Most players missing any parts, but putting them into the store would be pay to win. I think premium shoppe offered a new chance to get missing parts, although it is rng either.
    putting them in the store wouldn't be pay to win specifically, it'd just reduce the amount of chests that could be sold. you can already purchase rift lord chests with gold which eventually yields everything, and you can purchase skulls. There's no reason to grind unless you want to if you're willing to throw money at the game.

    If you put springs into the store, you have to put all parts into the store. Some people need triggers, some siphons,...
    To get everything you want sometimes takes a lot of time and ofc the rng factor could be annoying, but I try to create the best trap setup possible with the traps and parts I got.
    And @mdragoon If you're arguing that you can buy rift lord chests already, why don't you do that?
    For everyone who don't want to buy them: Omdu is game of progress. You can get 2 daily chests, 5 from weekly,...

  • I'm definitely in favor of putting parts in the store. It's pretty obnoxious to be part starved.  

    The rotating store is probably the correct location. For example, having three Parts available each day for 2,000 Skulls each. Or have it rotate every three days or something if they are worried people will be able to get Parts too quickly.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I don't disagree with having parts in the Deals but keep in mind something:

    Skulls are the currency used for everything and it's what players are in most need of.
    Deals are pretty attractive.
    New players have a bigger income of skulls due to constant lvl ups and first beating maps.

    All the deals are "overpriced", as in buying everything everyday is impossible and it's best use is when you have no more easy chests to obtain or for very occasional purchases.
    New players can easily feel tempted to spend skulls in the deals which leads to them missing a lot of skulls too soon, being blocked from new or better content like buying heroes or upgrading traps. If they buy too much early on from the deals, they will for sure struggle with their skulls unless they also spend gold.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy any common/uncommon trap and I wouldn't buy any rare/epic trap unless you have all heroes or all chests obtained.
  • xombobxombob Member
    I think I have zero springs as well, and Im at 163 hours playtime.
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