Please fight together in final wave! (Crogon Keep and Stables at Eventide)

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Stables at Eventide - South West
Crogon Keep - South East

This is boss route and shortest from the rift.
We should fight together in the final wave.
Even if there have enough traps, it's difficult solo.
If rift is gone when you were at the north, please understand that it's also your failure.


  • Sounds like a great plan which can be used on a few maps. There is a solution to crogon keep just barricade off the middle forcing them around the entire loop making the whole map a single lane. Also other tactics save up about 10k for traps in the new lane on crogon keep. A tactic on stables could be using more physics traps or AOE traps killing the earth minions since they don't get slowed/stunned.

    It's best if you tell your allies of your tactics in game. Since many don't read the forums and could be new on the map.
  • I am not sure who this is targeted toward but I have never had any problems doing these maps at all.  I would guess that if you are doing these maps with people below the minimum suggested level then they are dragging you down since: their traps suck and their hero damage is not only low but suffers penalty for being under-level.

  • Big game hunter traps are fantastic at lower account levels for killing bosses. I know for many of my first 5 stars from master and rift lord while under leveled in 2 player we used 3 big game hunting walls on a boss we knew was coming up and it took care of it by itself.
  • Depending on difficulty, the boss (Swiftyhooves) comes from the top door on Stables of Eventide on the last wave. If you are at the south west gate you have a good chance of missing him. 
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