Who do you think the WEAKEST hero is?

Hogarth as my chosen, terrible low dmg and useless E skill

What's your choice?


  • humm...

    Survival = Ivy
    Sabotage or Endless = Smolder
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  • SmorcMeGoFaceSmorcMeGoFace Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    My old man Cygnus :'(
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  • mdragoonmdragoon Member
    As of 2.1
    Sabotage: Smolder
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  • StatboyStatboy Member
    Definitely Hogarth, Bloodspike is a close 2nd. Smolder is really strong, if you use Naptha and fire traps properly, so she is situationally either excellent or weak with no in between.
  • LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    Hogarth is ok once he has 3 axes to throw.  His E skill is useless though and needs to be changed.  Should have a slight bad dmg boost.

    Bloodspike can be good but he is a more advanced hero like Oziel.  Takes a proper setup for him.  If he could execute mercs like he could heroes he would be a lot better.

    My vote is for Cygnus.  Low dmg and a primary ability that costs mana + no health or armor and slow.  Worst hero right now.
  • in terms of Auto attacks i think Hogarth is really weak .
  • Even after the buff blood spike is still unwieldy and situational.   Smolder is bad if your doing any content your level.  This is why she is super weak in Sabotage and Endless.   If your overleveled for the stuff your doing she is great as far as ease of farming.  
  • SialeedsSialeeds Member
    Hogarth I feel is strong as long as you get the right talents or w/e they are called. Making his Axe throw pierce is so good. Then giving axe throw extra axes, amazing wave clear from a distance. The issue is using axe throw then the delay for auto attacking again. Gab is pretty weak. Her main strength IMO is resetting traps, which makes her strong. I feel like max is pretty weak also. His auto's tickle. He's only strong when you land an E.
  • RavenGageRavenGage Member
    Cygnus is nowhere near the worst. On maps where he can stay near the rift (eg: Maximum Security) he's close to the best and on the remaining maps he's ok, just so long as you have Mage's Clover. Find a place that overlooks the wave and spam chain lightning = GG. 

    Right now Hogarth is probably the worst. E is horrible and right click is bad until you get several weavers for it. 
  • AsbynAsbyn Member, Early Access
    Hogarth is objectively the worst, both in terms of his performance and how fun he is to play, with Bloodspike next on the list. Anyone saying that Cygnus is no good either don't know how to build around him or don't understand that his style is extremely bursty, which isn't a bad thing.
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