Docks at Eventide Master difficulty - Many bugs !

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Hey so im not sure if you will understand what i mean by bugs

as you can see in this picture - im playing Stinkeye and i put one of my Oasis Totem on that Bridge and then i went behind the barricades

as you can see im shooting on an Invisible Totem - i cant see him but i can still shot him

what also happened : 
minions would be invisible for who was behind the barricade and only when they got out of the bridge we could see them
some minions would go on top of the barricades almost passing them , then they went back and normal as they should

we also got the new Mercenry spawning on the bridge lane - what happened is that we heard him spawning but saw nothing 
few seconds after he spawaned on those two barricades in my picture and got stuck in there...we killed him on top of the barricades 

one last thing that is wrong on this map on Master difficulty - the waves takes TOO LONG to actually start spawn

its like counting 6 seconds . wave start - then for like 10-15 seconds nothing spawns! , we still got 5 stars but its really annoying and can cause low level players the 5 stars

hope u got all my points here . thanks !

EDIT- here's a picture of the new mercenery spawn on the barricades
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  • Yeah that's a draw distance bug that's been in since the map was created they sorted out most of it but there's still a spot or two.
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    Something I'm noticing on the same map is that when the Gnoll Breeder spawns on the north lane, Max's "In Your Faces" power will sometimes go right through him.  I was playing earlier and had him spawn on the second wave.  I popped unchained, stunned him, then tried the epic.  Not a scratch.  With the shorter cooldowns, I stunned him again and tried again point-blank.  Nothing.

    I'm not sure if it's a factor of the map, or if that merc suffers that problem in general, but it's damn annoying.
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