Endless rewards

LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
Endless is alot of fun but I feel the rewards are very lacking for the time/effort.

I think all endless should reward rift lord chests and not 1 per hero.  Endless is end game and you shouldn't be limited by hero selection, we want to use our favorite one for these 1 hour+ games.

Maybe one chest per 10 waves which is about on par time wise with a regular game.

Could also have some top rewards like get past 25 or 50 and you get a special chest with a chance at a skin or part or whatever.


  • The rewards for the non rift lord endless are bad.  I wont run them because they only give low level stuff, but they are high level content. Clearly they should all reward rift lord chest based on the actual difficulty of them.  They also should not be unlocked till you are higher account level.  Trying to run baths when the game tells you to is super frustrating. 
  • Level 6-10, do not clear 25 waves on The Baths , so yes the reward on those levels are bit disappointing
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