Dealing with chaotic kobold?

Is the chaotic kobold supposed to be GG in solo or do I just not know how to deal with it?  If I'm not playing a ranged character with cc and it's a big map I can usually kiss par time goodbye as it runs around disabling all the lanes and making moving through the map hell for me.

Any tips?


  • DesArchDesArch Member
    Bring big game hunting ballista or let the guardians deal with the kobold and disable crystals after it dies. Use all your abilities on it when it stops to place a crystal.
  • LunaSlingLunaSling Member
    From what I know, although the Chaotic Kobold seems to be randomly running about, it does follow a pattern where it goes. I am very sure that the first location, the Chaotic Kobold heads to, is the rift. Chaotic Kobold cannot move past barricades, so it will follow the path just like the minions on its lane, except it is much faster. Knowing this means you can meet up with this mercenary... as to how you make use of the encounter, that will be up to you.
  • shaobingshaobing Member

  • Just ignore him and wait for the guardian to kill him. If he puts a crystal in your kill box, destroy it. Otherwise, in most maps, he's not much of a threat. If you run off to chase him you are usually worse off. 
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