Dealing with chaotic kobold?

Is the chaotic kobold supposed to be GG in solo or do I just not know how to deal with it?  If I'm not playing a ranged character with cc and it's a big map I can usually kiss par time goodbye as it runs around disabling all the lanes and making moving through the map hell for me.

Any tips?


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    Bring big game hunting ballista or let the guardians deal with the kobold and disable crystals after it dies. Use all your abilities on it when it stops to place a crystal.
  • From what I know, although the Chaotic Kobold seems to be randomly running about, it does follow a pattern where it goes. I am very sure that the first location, the Chaotic Kobold heads to, is the rift. Chaotic Kobold cannot move past barricades, so it will follow the path just like the minions on its lane, except it is much faster. Knowing this means you can meet up with this mercenary... as to how you make use of the encounter, that will be up to you.

  • Just ignore him and wait for the guardian to kill him. If he puts a crystal in your kill box, destroy it. Otherwise, in most maps, he's not much of a threat. If you run off to chase him you are usually worse off. 
  • Hypovolemic That isn't really an option on multi-lane maps, though. If you wait for a guardian to kill him he can disable all of your other killboxes in the meantime.

    Any sort of CC + high damage combo gets rid of him quick, like Stunning Bolt and In Your Faces.
  • take the Stable Guardian (or the Farmer i don't remember) with you, 100% he can deal with it on his own ;)
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    Worst case scenario is you are Bionka on a multilane map. The kobold can shut down one lane, avoid you, then shut down your other lane while you are trying to get the first one going. I'm starting to think it might be worth it to actually bring a hero ballista again, something I haven't done since pre 1.6. So its kind of a nice change to see.
  • Hypovolemic That isn't really an option on multi-lane maps, though. If you wait for a guardian to kill him he can disable all of your other killboxes in the meantime.

    Any sort of CC + high damage combo gets rid of him quick, like Stunning Bolt and In Your Faces.
    Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem if you over-trap one spot and defend another with your hero. Personally, I find him a lot easier to ignore on multi-lane maps, because he's less likely to put a crystal somewhere you have traps on a largely map. But, YMMV...
  • @Hypovolemic
    The Kobold in your game does run with the same AI has mine  :s

    Because he has a tendency to run to the other lane and put a crystal straight in the middle of the killbox 
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    Do you guys feel like the Chaotic Kobold has too much health?  Please let me know your detailed thoughts!
    Doug Houserman
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  • ShadeDev said:
    Do you guys feel like the Chaotic Kobold has too much health?  Please let me know your detailed thoughts!
    I do not. Kobold was the most annoying before this patch, but there's nothing WRONG with that. And, it wasn't his health. It was chasing him on Bionca. Once you get to him, he's easy to kill.

    I DO think the new Gnoll Hunter is way too bulky, and his minions' Slow is incredibly frustrating. They also don't disappear when they touch the rift (unlike every minion), which led to my being spawn-camped earlier today. Five chomping baby Gnolls can rip some of the squishier heroes (I was on Ivy) to shreds before I can get turned around and firing. It was funny at first, but after the second death in forty seconds I was quite frustrated.
  • I think every merc can be a problem on a certain map or only with certain heroes. one of the best heroes to deal with any merc is probably midnight she can stun into right click and its dead most likely without having to v from an early level. Sure other heroes might be able to stun + combo but not as early as midnight.

    When I am playing solo with any character on rift lord or endless I learn where the mercs spawn from or how to combo them well. Each hero has a combo that can deal with any merc. let me give you an example of how I would deal with a kobold merc with every hero.

    Max: stun into his E (if that isnt enough cause you are level 4 or 7 with the weaver dmg increase you can consider popping v and doing combo again quickly). Most of the time you wont need to v on him unless its a big map like crogon keep or eventide.

    Gabby: if you hit him a few time with left click he just melts because you do more dmg each attack, (can 3 shot him with left click + v if needed). Her attacks feel pretty easy to hit on him even though he is fast.

    Blackpaw: so his e (chomp) has a bigger range then you might think. basically you want to right click + e + auto time your right click has he is coming in the e should kill crystal + hit him hard and you can just pounce + auto to finish him after that . His e can hit from far away if used right.

    midnight: sleath > auto attack > right click. really no issues with him ever. Can sleath > q if needed to chase him (stun him too).

    Bloodspike: this is generally harder but if you can q a nearby minion and stun him it will help. You want to stun a nearby minion then auto a few times and use maiming blow to hit crystal and him when he starts running. You can L shift to run faster and also jump and auto attack to not make you stand still when chasing.

    bionka: usually can three hit him with just autos from my experience. if you can land your right click on him + auto should be dead. Can always v-chain and two shot him or one shot with right click.

    Ivy: can root him and she can be pretty accurate when he is running to hit him from far away. you get him low then root him when he run past shouldn't be too much.

    cyngus: empowered with his rift passive or his rift shard ability can just chain lightning him and deal  with him quickly.

    hogarth: might have the hardest time from my experience. His axe throw can one shot but will require good aim to hit it from afar. I if I don't hit him with axe throw I usually have to v-chain to deal with him asap freeze him them throw while v-chained will be good dmg.

    smolder: as decent auto dmg and you can chase him well with q and then burst him down with e. Can also clear crystals fast with dragon's breath.

    tundra: can perma cc him and jsut hit him down not much more is needed to be said ( wont be the fastest but easily cc'd to death.

    Temper: temper's auto hitbox is really funky to me and I miss some autos just because I not used to his aminations maybe its a bug or something i'm missing, but I would try to auto him down and then shift to get clsoer or thorw hammer if it will be enough to kill. I usually go unchained on temper just because the weird auto hitboxes.

    Oziel: can do many things if he is nearby a lot of minions using haunt splash dmg can be enough but right lcikc him a few times. I usally can right click him down before he puts down his crystal.

    Zoey: zoey is a lot like gabby where you just have to keep autoing him down, but she can hit him with q for some burst dmg. A little stonger than gabby imo (in terms of autoing him down with left-click + l+shift combo).

    Anyway my opinion is that kobold can be annoying but ive found ways of deal with him quickly with each hero. I do not think the kobold needs less hp. Every character has a merc that gives them the most trouble. I think as a player what can be frusrating is seeing a kobold spawn during a unstable rift. Knowing timings or how to multi manage cooldowns and unchained to deal with threats like this. I personally dont have issues with kobolds and know when to ignore or chase depending on hero and map.

    There is an issue with gnool hunter though. Ive seen him sit inside a gate spawn where your hero can go past and ranged attacks cant hit him( basically he was sitting there during a pasue or ready break and didnt do anyhthing until next wave, which was very annoying for me).

  • ShadeDev said:
    Do you guys feel like the Chaotic Kobold has too much health?  Please let me know your detailed thoughts!
    no I do not think the health is an issue. I am still expeierencing wierd bugs with minions especially on docks or any map where they have to come from across a small bridge gate(i.e docks, shark island, etc.). The bug is they either spawn and instantly die but take out me or barricades instantly or don't leave the boat or vessel and cant be hit for awhile wasting time.
  • StatboyStatboy Member
    Health isn't too high, its just catching them with slow ranged heroes. Honestly all of the merc's are easier to handle with ranged heroes
  • HypovolemicHypovolemic Member
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    I think I would prefer him to have:
    • A regenerating shield. That absorbs maybe half his current health?
    • Reduce his health to compensate. Have his health plus shield be less than his current health combined.
    • Give the crystals a less severe slow. Right now, they penalize melee heroes significantly and ranged heroes not at all.
    • Maybe give the crystals a distance dependent shield to help balance the impact between melee/ranged. Ie, the further away you shoot them from the less damage it does. Not sure how to communicate this to players. Concentric force field rings that dissipate shots? Not sure.
    Basically, make him easier to burst dead, but harder to ignore. My current "ignore and let the guardian kill him" strategy shouldn't be as viable as it is. I know opinions vary on this, but I personally find him very non-threatening. Also, equalize the difficulty between melee and ranged heroes somewhat. Doesn't have to be perfectly equal - just more equal.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I didn't notice much problem with the Health but the slow is indeed annoying specially for melee.

    Maybe it could slow you when you hit the crystal? or when it is killed?
  • @ShadeDev

    I like the concept of the mercs and hope you refine them and add more.  However in their current state they are either trivial on heroes or next to impossible and I think that needs to be balanced out.  They seem to add further bias against single player games.  It also basically requires the use of big game ballista, especially on endless.  This is a huge hindrance with the 7 trap loadout limit for single players.  I also have a problem with the seemingly randomness of which hero abilities work on them and which are completely ignored.  It is also hard to tell sometimes if the merc ignores the ability or you perhaps missed since their is no feedback.  One example is bullrush vs bouncer bear.  Currently he just runs right through him which doesn't really make any sense.  I understand it if you don't want that minnion to be pushed back but perhaps if a bullrush hits, temper should be stopped and so should bouncer bear with a very short stun for both.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys, especially @Varthftw

    As for kobold's health I never really had a problem with his health.  The major problem I have is when I'm playing a melee hero, the kobold immediately zips past me around the corner and is on it's way to disable my killbox's in other lanes.  I usually just have to pray a guardian deals with him.  This almost always results in a long, slow, trek to my other lanes as I have to stop and kill a crystal every few feet.  If I'm a ranged hero I rarely have a problem with the kobold.

    I'll add that the slow on the teacup gnolls is extremely frustrating and doesn't feel challenging, just annoying.  I'd rather them still do a lot of damage and require me to kite them as I deal with the other things on the map.
  • Best way to deal with the mini rifts spawning as a melee hero is to jump into them. Since you don't get slowed in mid air. 
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  • A problem that I have is that all of the mercenaries are nigh impervious to damage at low in-match level, which is a tad tedious when they spawn on the first wave. 

    Sure, there's satisfaction in seeing the merc that I had to wail on for a solid minute during Wave 1 go down instanter like Ronda Rousey when he returns on Wave 12, but I wouldn't say the later satisfaction > earlier frustration. the slower heroes, when I solo, if I can't "gank" the sucker when he first comes by me, I tend to wait for him to return to me, as he invariably does.   Then the go breaks begin the tedious process of breaking those infernal orange crystals he leaves behind.    If you're soloing, I really can't recommend the "Big Game" traps as they're a waste of precious skulls, trap cap, & trap slot.
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