More character guides?

Ive noticed that there about only 4 character guides in the forums,  Cygnus, Stinkeye, Bionka, and Zoey, with an exception at Gabby but it wasn't really a guide. Anywho, for newer players its hard trying to discover how to play that character well, seeing as how the little videos on each ability shows what they do, there isn't really any help on how to use them effectively. Ive even checked on Youtube and it seems there is only videos of people playing the character through a match, IE "How to five star The Baths",but not showing how to play them properly.There is certain popular characters that could use some in depth guides due to everyone using them but not really knowing how to play them. For example Midnight, I see alot of people play her, and i mean a lot. But that doesn't mean they know how to play her and granted some of them due know what they are doing, but the majority that i've played with didn't. Good luck out there fellas, Cya in the game!


  • There's small heroes overviews on the Youtube channel.

    Aside from that there's a few fan made one's on this forum as you mentioned. Other than those there's not anything I know of in english.

    But if you're wondering about a certain character i'm sure I can throw together for you in a few days.
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