How spring traps affect Cursed Ground.

I did not like "Cursed Ground" because it was nerfed, but recently my main hero Oziel and "Cursed Ground" got buffed, i gave it a second look and it is not as bad as i thought.
I do not understand how spring part works on it, same as Grinder. In every spring trap description is mentioned that it affects re-fire rate, but grinder has no re-fire rate info in his description only cool down, while cursed ground has CD and damage rate.
So how and what affects.I would really like to know exact right answer because it is really important which spring to put.(if it affects cd then double-spring is perfect, if fire rate short spring is the answer)

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    grinder has a cooldown after all 20 charges are used. The spring would affect the cooldown timer on it. At least that Is what I would hope so. Might make since to have attuners instead of springs because those affect cooldown directly.

    cursed ground has a cooldown of 36 seconds after 20 charges, so I am assuming its the same deal with grinder where spring would reduce the cooldown.
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  • lielsliels Member
    Is this answer correct?  If so, why do some parts affect "cooldown" and others "refire"  cf

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    liels said:
    Is this answer correct?  If so, why do some parts affect "cooldown" and others "refire"  cf

    It is the only answer so i pinned it :D, i doubt it affects cooldown on cursed ground, tho need a test.
    If i'll get a time to test maybe will make a video about it :P 
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    I did some experiments and with both cursed ground and brimstone the trap recharges much faster with double springs than no springs at all.  The slot should probably be a coil slot because of that. It seems with double springs brimstone goes from cold to having a charge in slightly less than 4 seconds; without a spring it takes a bit under 5.5 seconds, which is a 27% speedup (35% is within the margin of error for the way I measured).   I'm not sure what .13 "Charge Regen" in the info refers to as that would imply 7.7 seconds to recharge instead of 5.5.  Is it possible the descriptions are not synced with the mechanics?

    Also, I found brimstone to be *much* more effective than cursed ground.  For CG to be useful you'd need to get a *lot* of arcane syngergy (as in just stacking one cursed ground after the other doesn't seem to help much). 

    ALSO ... it seems that cursed ground inflicts damage over a duration, though much more quickly than fire.  As a result it seems that kobold runners are able to drain a charge from a cursed ground that should kill them "instantly" and make it to the next cursed ground draining another charge uselessly.  That would make it even harder to get good synergy from the arcane debuff as you'll want to space your cursed ground out if it might snag runners.

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    I also tested this but by looking at the selling price of brimstone during the short 10 second breaks during waves. What I found out is that the springs increase the recharge rate by the amount they have on their descriptions. What I also found out is that brimstone gets charges roughly every half of a second. Basically, it gets 60 gold value (1/25th) after 3 of these ticks. If this is correct and the sell value represents the amount of charges left (and I think it's safe to assume that since a stuck grinder and freshly used brimstone both sell for 0) this means that brimstone takes roughly 37.5 seconds to fully recharge. 
    With the double spring added which increases the speed by 35% it gains about 112 gold value after 3 ticks. It does cost more, though (1875) which means that it gets 1/16th.
    The 0.13 charge regen seems to be a little off. I'm assuming it means that it regenerates 0.13 charges per second so it would take about 75 seconds to reach the 10 charges but it's pretty exactly twice as fast in practice.
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