How does the upgrades work?

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Example: Temple gong, at t6 has -101% trap cost. So essentially that would be free. But that isn't the case. It just drops the cost to 250.

So how do these calculations work? Is there another variable that is added to the equation, so it isn't just raw and plain solutions? If so what is it?

Unless its a cap. So even upgrading the temple gong to t7 is essentially a waste of skulls? 


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    t7 temple gong is only 90% (-15% x 6) which brings it to 100c

    But for your question things that change the % aren't additive like using Max and lightning deals with stamped parts/ short spring on a lightning rod (500c) doesn't total 80% off (which would be 100c)
    It's -15% (425c) -15% (361c) -20% (289c) -30% (which is 202c)

    This is the same for the ones that increase the % such as double spring increasing it by 25% it's off the total of as it appears in the order (289+25%=361c)

    And after the trap increases to t7 you begin receiving gibs
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    Most of the accumulated upgrade tooltips are wrong or inacurate.

    Upgrades that reduce cooldown or the cost are additive as Unjustly pointed. The tooltip shows it being multiplicative which is incorrect.
    If it's -10% per tier, tier 4 = -30% 

    The Upgrades that increase Health and Damage seem to be different, maybe they are correct but I can't say for sure.
    If it's -10% per tier, tier 4 = -33.1% 

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