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If I'm not going to be able to cancel this quest because I need to waste my daily cancellation on the "Win 2 survival maps so you can get as much exp as two apprentice bath runs would have given you" quest just to get my sabotage chest quest, I would be very happy if I did not have to deal with quests like this one.

Sheez, at level 90 most of the maps are invalid for this quest because most enemies DIE from the initial hit of bull rush before they even have a chance to die from the "physics" of it in the first place...

(also, killing them with Bullrush directly totally should count.  Instantly dying from the impact of a charging bull slamming into your gut scientifically counts as physics, you know!)
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    I'm making a note to make a change to this.  Thanks for the info!
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  • This makes me hesitant to unlock Temper.  Thanks for the PSA :+1:
  • OMG! Yes! I won't go into it much, but a handful of my audience knows the frustration I've had when dealing with this quest as a lvl 100 player. I'm "FORCED" to reroll that xp quest everyday since I'm lvl 100, so when one of the other quest is something I don't "want" I'm sort of stuck with it.
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    Same go for Max´s quest kill 250 minions with In to the face. This quest is doable but take super long time, bc you have to do killing blow with ability. Hardly to do it on higher lvl bc you are able to kill like 1-3 minions with it if you are lucky. So best way is to go for endless bath and just grind it, bc there are plenty of one shot minions and just grind it out. Consider to change it from kill to hit.
  • I've made this title a bit more generic to encourage others to leave feedback on the specific hero quests. :)
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  • Yea, if this thread will be about all hero quests, then off the top of my head, the 2nd worse by far is Max's kill 200 enemies with In Your Face.  The move's CD, damage, size of Area of effect, and the fact that you generally have to direct hit something to do any damage at all or else the projectile will just woosh right by the enemy makes it take forever to complete that one (though Kill 50 enemies with bull rush physics is still even worse, I've found)

    I'm trying to remember which one is the third worse.  I semi-cringe when I get "kill 30 enemies by knocking them into hazards with Zoey's book club" one, I suppose, although not nearly as much as Max's In Your Faces or Temper's Bull Rush (for obvious reasons, the quest is similar to Temper's but easier in every way possible... yet still annoying).

    Killing Enemies with Gabriella's kinetic pulse is pretty annoying too since I don't think trap kills count for that one, although it can be done quickly just by doing some maps on Apprentice at least (Max's takes forever even on Apprentice, and is far worse on higher difficulties).

    Max's Stunning Bolt also requires a ridiculous number if I recall correctly (200 enemies), but stunning 200 enemies is far easier than killing them with In Your Faces, at least. far, assuming I'm not forgetting any other really bad ones (Maybe I am), I'd really just be happy if the Temper Bull Rush and the In Your Faces ones were removed or changed, though I wouldn't mind if those other three were, too.  And especially I'd like to not have to waste my daily quest cancellation just to get a sabotage chest each day but that'll be tolerable if I don't have to worry about drawing the particularly bad hero quests.
  • Also, killing 100 minions as Gabby with Kinetic Pulse might not sound bad, but after playing a rift lord map with 14 waves, I had 24 kills, telling me that triggering traps that then kill the minions also doesn't count.
  • @Lorelle Killing 200 with Max's in your faces requires a specific set of upgrades to be selected. Specifically the ones that increase the radius of his stunning, then give extra damage to stunned from in your faces. I do agree that's a bit tedious, but I haven't found it too bad.

    Gabby's and Tempers are the hardest, Blackpaws is the most boring, I can't tell you how many times I finished with 38 gnolls summoned.
  • Thanks again abnoy for pointing me to this thread.
    My orgional post:

    I am very glad to see that the number of kills for these has been reduced, but I would like to point out just a small thing (as stated in my other post). 
    After being forced to do rift lord difficulty, I believe DoT effects are somehow messing with the kills of some of these, in specific was tempers bullrush. I watched as ! pushed around 20 mobs off a cliff, while using fire traps, and afterwards I only had one recorded kill even though I would gain a combo point in game from killing in ravine.
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