Server Location and Profile Icon Change (June 2017)

What I can know about the server is that I get a "Bad" connection, but plays smoothly when with other players or solo. However, sometimes I do experience delay, which is happened on 1.5 match  out of 10 matches. My location is on South-East Asia, the Malaysia. Since this game is made from West, I do expect the server is on US site. Still, I cannot find any reliable info about the server location or the option to pick any available server. Is this means it will only connect to the US site server or any available server with best ping? Thanks.

Also, I can change my Avatar/Vanity by clicking on top-right button at the "Pre-game" panel, the panel (2 June 17) where I can Play, access store, workshop, and latest news. How about this Forum site? Is it removed or fixing? Cause the threads I found are outdated.


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