Concept designs for all the Heroes!

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So I have been doing some research recently into old design concepts. I found most of these images on Orcs Must Die! facebook page from 3 years ago. 
Here is concept designs for all Heroes. They will use the old names for the Heroes.






Smolder this first image isn't on the facebook page.


Midnight, At some point during the design process she was called Panther Queen:





That is all the facbook images. These images I have found elsewhere.

Oziel: He used to be called Ancestor and you can see ancestor in some portraits.

Tundra: He is pretty new, This is the earliest design of him I can find from the board game kickstarter:


The one on the left is a skin for Deadeye.

Now the last 2 I will show off are Sir Winston and Kolbold King. Sir Winston has a coming soon on the Chinese version, so I think he will get released over here some time. But Kolbold King might be completely removed forever due to the removal of siege.
Sir Winston from facebook:

Kolbold King from facebook:

His early design was then developed into a unreleased boss. It is a unchained version of SwiftyHooves:

That last Picture was from Insider Access 78. Watch it on Youtube.

Which one has changed the most?
Would you guys like any of these as skins?
Best early design?

That is all of them, Next time Hero concepts for unreleased heroes.
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  • AxonyAxony Member
    They can't just remove Kobold King and never bring him back.
    He was way to fun to play.

    And a Hero that rides on a boar? this sounds awesome even for a boss design
  • BragdrasBragdras Member, Master Founder, Early Access
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    A lot of those concepts carried a more serious undertone I feel, which is probably why I like them a lot, also that version of the Kobold King as a boss is the model of the Chaotic Kobold, and the model of the hog is in Throne Room as a decoration, albeit without its armor.

    God damn i want Winston back :s
  • It was a very good idea to ditch the [function name] naming convention, and just simply give names to heroes. It gives them much more personality, in my opinion.
    I wasn't around when Sir Winston was playable, but I can't wait for him to be rereleased. I really like his design and the idea of a human knight turned unchained by grief. Very cool character design. :)
    Also, seeing those concept arts, some heroes really are the best possible version of themselves. Especially Oziel, who's much more intriguing the way he looks right now. The only one I find a little disappointing is Smolder: she looked much more unique and interesting on some of her concept arts.
  • AxonyAxony Member
    They need to redesign winston before he is able to come back.
    He had a silence and that is not really useful against minions, the dmg reduce can be nice though.

    I still hope that every hero will get a Shift ability... Feels like the reworked ones are stronger because they have 1 more skill
  • Wow, this is really cool! I'd seen a couple before, but Smolder looks really different from what I'm going to assume is her very early concept art. Thanks for putting this on here!
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I really like Andrew Olson designs. His Smolder looks badass.

    A mounted hero or even Boss would have been pertty cool and I also like the first Stinkeye more too :P 

    BTW, no one noticed how in some the title of the game is "Orcs Must Die Unleashed" ? :D 
  • YeldarbYeldarb Member, Early Access
    A hero wielding an arm as a weapon, why oh why couldn't we have that Blackpaw?
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  • Added Deadeye, see this blog post about it.

    There is a IA about Deadeye design today!
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