Unreleased Heroes! (Concept art)



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    edited July 2017
    I said hero because he was mentioned as such in the OP.  Kratos appeared in Mortal Kombat and Shovel Knight, so the precedent is there.

    Also, major props to the OMDU art team!  Those designs are great.
  • Cool stuff, I rather like the concepts for Saurus, as well as the Cleric and Monk designs. ^_^
    The last one looks kind of like an early idea for Deadeye.
    Hmm, looking at these give me ideas and makes me want to draw some characters set in the same universe. :D
  • We could have gotten a treant people
    Instead what do we have
    A bear
    "Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"
  • i like both Saurus and the blue dragon with the two handed sword, they both match some of the ideas i had in mind for new heroes!
    if only one shall be picked i would definetly keep Saurus, he has quite a big potential!
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