Eventide Fortress Endless wave 39 Solo - Oziel

Almost done with the endless runs I will show you my solo oziel run. I found it fun, I think I would of gotten gone higher if I was playing midnight but it was fun. Let me know if you have any questions. Trap description is in video description.



  • Nice run. Do you feel like Oziels stays relevant longuer than others heroes in an endless map, because of his soul stacks? Or is it roughly the same in the end?
  • He is the one that can scale after each wave. He is probably the best scaling for endless, but I would still prefer midnight for here mobility.
  • I actually tried this map yesterday with Midnight, using a similar strat, and stopped at wave 35 (mostly out of boredom, I'll admit). Midnight is great at the start, but once the minions start scaling, you really have no way to dispatch the big piles of ogres and trolls, since most minions will almost one-shot you in melee.
  • were you using flips traps with the stunning accumulator you should be alright with damage then even in the later waves. I would also try to use physical resonators in your traps if doing midnight. also with the right traits you can deal with the lower hp pool with lifesteal. You also can kind of kite backwards and still hit them and have them miss there attack if yo time it right .
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