The Wall endless Wave 28 Solo - Ivy

So this one took me about two full days to get down I did alot of changing my traps and dd runs with multiple heroes like midnight, oziel, hogarth, etc. I finally came into a build and finalized my traps. I was struggling with wave 25 every time. When I did it with ivy I was able to finally conquer The Wall. It was very challenging and fun to finally have it done nothing left to farm hero chests and all. I went for wave 25 clear at the least wasn't expecting to go further be feel free to ask me any questions. Also be thank you to all the viewers who chatted with me during my 8 hour stream and got to see me progress and eventually clear The Wall. The traps details are in the video description.



  • SortuneSortune Member, Early Access
    Great job, and thanks for the videos you did.

    So... what will you do now you finished every content ? :D
  • I do my dailies every day and stream around 7 pm PST so I still do stuff
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