OMDU: Lore and Story Explained



  • I updated the main post with the new stuff.

    I think they should put this in game as a second Cygnus Bio. I don't know why it was so hidden, It was one facebook post 3 years ago.

    About Chang'E the letter with her in, it appeared a month after the Tencent deal. So they probably made her for the Tencent deal. 

    Also a very weird thing is the "Orcs, trolls, the tall ones to which we are accustomed and what appears to be a much smaller and fatter version of the troll species, plus some spindly creatures that look to be made of splintering twigs" described in Bionkas army.
    Wood creatures and some short fat trolls, both of which we haven't got. 
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
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