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  • I updated the main post with the new stuff.

    I think they should put this in game as a second Cygnus Bio. I don't know why it was so hidden, It was one facebook post 3 years ago.

    About Chang'E the letter with her in, it appeared a month after the Tencent deal. So they probably made her for the Tencent deal. 

    Also a very weird thing is the "Orcs, trolls, the tall ones to which we are accustomed and what appears to be a much smaller and fatter version of the troll species, plus some spindly creatures that look to be made of splintering twigs" described in Bionkas army.
    Wood creatures and some short fat trolls, both of which we haven't got. 
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  • Added Brass' bio.

    I updated the timeline it is now a lot more easier to understand. 

    I'm still not sure on the "chicken incident" so I left out Max's and Blackpaw's bio out of the timeline.

    Also if anyone wants to solve the new issue of dates good luck. Brass and Deadeye's bios both have dates on them, they should happen during each others. But we don't know if the elves and the dwarfs use the same calendar, or if they start at the same time. I have a few theories though, I think the Dwarfs one has twice as many months but half as many days in those months it also uses the american way of dating MM/DD/YYYY. Whereas the elves have a much similar dating system just switching the names of the months. 
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    Reve seems the most likely bet for the girl in Brass's bio, considering that Reve shows up in Yi Lin's bio next to try to get that power.

    Hmm, I only just noticed Yi-Lin's bio now for some reason.  Interesting to see that Reve is working with the unchained (er, well, the Wu Xing specifically.  But I think the Wu Xing are allied with the Unchained?  Dunno if that was ever addressed).  Wonder if she'll ever be a playable Unchained character (Order is getting all the new characters these days...).  Though seems a bit redundant with Dead Eye and Ivy around (and of course, Dead Eye presumably hates her but Dead Eye hates Midnight too anyways so her hating other Unchained isn't new)

    Or a playable Wu Xing character perhaps given her clothes she was wearing (if Wu Xing and Unchained are one and the same anyways)
  • Okay I was going over the lore again because I was adding it to the wiki. Yi-Lins bio has changed since I wrote the description for it. Now it looks like all the mention of Orcs have been switched to Wu-Xing. 

    So Reve is working for the Wu-Xing? Or the Unchained? :confounded: 

    Also by changing this the Great Shift has some mismatched info. Are the cyclopes, Dwarfs and White Tiger Empire defending Thuricvod against the Orcs or the Wu-Xing?

    Yi-Lins Bio: "I have journeyed to Thuricvod, the dwarven stronghold, and have committed troops to protecting it as you commanded. The dwarves are aiding us, and the powerful, inscrutable cyclopes were as well--for a time. But the battle against the Wu Xing is going poorly. The dwarves stood by our side, but the cyclopes have retreated back through their rift to their own world and, the risks of our own being too great, have barricaded their rift from their side."

    Brass' Bio: "
    • About 6 generations or so back, family came from the west - fortress they called "Thuricvod"
    • One of the last ones out before they destroyed the rift to stop the orcs
    Gabriella's Bio: "And that is why the dwarves of Thuricvod destroyed their rift and the Dark World's. They knew if the rift stayed open, orcs would pour into our world because ours is more magical even than Thur. Reconnecting our world to the Dark World would be catastrophic."

    I'm just assuming that when the great shift happened it closed all the rifts at Thuricvod to every world affected. Also what world is the fortress Thuricvod in? I'm thinking it is in the Orc world since it appears in OMD 2.

    I fixed some grammar issues and going to edit Yi-Lins Bio on the main post.
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