High ping and sluggish trap placement


I'm a huge fan of the first and second OMD games but I only got into Unchained a couple of days ago. So far I'm really enjoying it.
There's just a couple of things that bother a bit more than I would like.

The biggest issue is the ping. I can't get any of my friends to play this so I'm just playing solo for now. Every time I play a solo round of Survival my ping is either "bad" or "high". This means I have to aim my attacks a good distance in front of my target (if attacking from the side), even with melee attacks, and even if I do compensate for the ping it seems to be completely random weather I hit them or not. I found this to be really annoying when dealing with the shielded grizzly. They're covering way more ground than they should, just because of my ping. And I'm constantly getting hit by things I can't see or enemies who are nowhere near me.

Now here is the weird thing. This is ONLY in solo survival (so far), when I tried matchmaking and the weekly challenge my ping was "good".
Went back to solo survival, got "high" ping again. Couldn't find much info about this other than some guy saying he was playing from EU but put on US servers when playing solo.
Any insights on this or should I bring it to the support?

Second, trap placement. The game runs alright for me, but whenever I equip a trap to place it feels like the frame rate drops to 4 which results in a high amount of misplaced traps. It's not quite as bad as the ping but if there is a way to fix it that would make for a better experience i think.



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    same problem when im playing solo. but no problem in sabotage or party-survival. i did the eventide fortress 20-30 times with 25-40min par time because of losed packets (sweden line or amazon hub usually). and only once yesterday within 19:30 (that was good eu server 52.xxx ip).

    38.xxx and 174.xxx solo-server ip's are very laggy (can't use abilities, only sound and animation. and difficult to kill anything). the only way is restart the match untill you will get a better server. they dont want to fix their server connection quality because they think it's very rare problem and they're glad to have 700~ people online.
    p.s. i can play with my wired connection smite/paladins/incurgency on eu and la2/l4d2/dc universe on usa without any lags. so thre is no my or any other players problem
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    Hello @Ainrain, @BeigeMidnight

    So that we can investigate this further on our end, could both of you please submit a ticket with your DxDiag and log files?

    Please include the following information as well:

    1. Your location.
    2. What kind of internet you're using.

    We will review the files, see if there's anything I can troubleshoot for you, and look for anything the server team may need to investigate further.
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