New Hero Deadeye (coming soon)



  • DarklokeyDarklokey Member
    edited July 2017
    xpendersx said:
    Nope she's probably correctly balanced.
    Since she's been out in china for 6 months.

    Also just checked her primary damage is 8 and max's is 6 (At level 1). The video probably doesn't have the same account level.
    i have no clue how the primary attack numbers work, but it is a relief she is atleast a bit stronger then max :P still hope we can do some high endless game's with her!

    anyway thank you for the info teddy
    I still like Max, while she does Physical Damage, Max does lightning damage so they both seem good when minions are dying when grouped up.
    I like mostly survival and am looking to five star the rest of the RL maps that I need. I don't want to focus CT until those are done.
  • Deadeye is here, and I am played with her. Now the question is "who will be the next?". Maybe sir Wiston. 
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