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    The team are aware of this bug and are working on a fix. 
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    Hello, we were playing Chaos Trials today and had a couple of weird glitches. The first one was Bart Cubbins glitched under rock on the left side of Crogon Keep at the bottom of the stairs. I think this is just a map issue. He has a screenshot of it that I can attach.

    The next issue we had was playing on Restricted Section and Bouncer Bear bounced me literally into Bart's barricade. I was stuck in the barricade. My perspective was from floor level and I was looking out between the barricade slats. It was super weird. Luckily I was playing Gab and used my teleport back which got me out of it. I didn't get a screen shot of that.

    Edit to add the bug report requested items:

    Title: Mercernary Ice Wizard will not go away
    : Occurred in game.  This was Chaos Trials tier 2 I believe maybe 3
    : Dining Hall
    Steps: I hope to never reproduce this error. It was hopefully a one off for me ;)
    Rate: No idea if you even can reproduce this.

    Then the third issue which was easily the most annoying was playing on Dining Hall. We had the wizard mercenaries spawn and fell back to kill them. Unfortunately once we killed the fire, lightning and arcane ones, the ice guy just kept respawning over and over again. He would die and then form his ice haze and respawn. He sat there and beat up on both the jailer and the farmer and I did my best to lead him away but he was there until the end of the map.

    Expected Results: I just wanted to let your team know this happened. It was very strange.
    I recorded a couple of videos showing this. Here is a link to the best one.
    At the end of this you can see how while I was recording the video we almost let Orphram (sp?) the Mountain Troll go and destroy our barricades. Luckily we were able to pull through with 6 remaining rift points.

    Let me know if you have other questions or can't download the video.

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  • Screenshot nice find.

    Second one no idea.

    Third one that one was probably a clone. The image will spawn then spawns 4 clones he then switches to one of them. The clones will carry on respawning again once you kill them. But if you kill the real one they all die. There has been a few problems with the images but not this one.
    For example they spawn in walls, off in pits or even don't want to leave their spawn area. They are working on a fix for this.
  • Lemartes said:
    Happened to me twice now.

    So theres 2 bugs then.  The fire mage can't be killed, and the real mage sometimes doesn't spawn/come out but his clones do.
    Not exactly, as far as I can tell, the clones of the iMage all have the resurrection ability and the real iMage would get stuck in the geometry of the map. I have noticed that I could hit iMages that are stuck inside walls using Bloodspike's "Shock Value" Weaver at one point (aka I could see the health bar deplete after using stunning execution nearby).
  • I have another video from a little later in the game when we finish a round and the only thing on the map is him and us. If there is the real image somewhere it doesn't show on the map overlay.  It was really wacky. He was there on the map for 7 rounds out of 12. 
  • so two of these issues have already been reported

    1. someone had reported this before but refused to upload a screenshot.

    2. I may have seen the sight you saw, but that was when someone placed a barricade where I was standing, not sure how Bouncer Bear could knock you into it. Ether way, I could move normally to get out in my example.

    3. All four elements? I would assume, since it's a two man group I would think there would be 3 iMages since you face the real one and a clone playing solo, and four in total with a full party of 3. even then I only see one other small star indicating another iMage which could mean the real on got stuck somewhere in the map. Oh and here's the giant thread on it.
  • So I made a very rough image of what I assume is going on:

    Blue indicates when the iMage first spawns in, red indicates where the clones's hitboxes seem to end up. if the iMage is too close to the wall with the blue circle,  the red circles would get stuck. Feel free to correct me if I got something wrong.
  • Yeah, I just realized there was a whole giant thread about the iMage glitch. I think there were only 3. Bart said he thought there were 4.  I think it was just ice, fire and arcane.  Ice never went away. 
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    Thanks for taking the time to report these to us!

    Our team has an ongoing investigation into the stairway on the Crogon Keep battleground, and they are working on a fix for the iMage. 

    In regards to the Bouncer Bear knocking you into the barricade, it may have been specific to the location the barricades were in. Could you point out the spot by editing one of your screenshots? I'll pass details to the QA team to check it out.
  • So another weird glitch and coincidentally on Banquet Hall again.  I lost a level on my Chaos Key because I had to quit the level.  :/  I believe this was iMage/wizard related but it doesn't show in my video.  The Human Wizard showed up a round or two before this happened. He spawned at the same time as Chaotic Kobold and Orphram The Mountain Troll.  (Similar to the other video in this thread)  I went over to deal with Orphram before he destroyed my barricades and then I went to look for chaotic kobold but I believe the farmer had killed him. Then I noticed the human wizard was gone as well.  The next round started and I handled it pretty easily and that round never ended. Like I say in the video that was right around the 14 minute mark. I have a several minute video here where I run around trying to see if I can find the wizard lurking somewhere. I went to both of the spawns and used my healing ability as Ivy to look around.  It was just glitched. 

    Here's the video:

    Also, I will get you a pic of exactly where the bouncer bear into the barricade thing happened. 

  • This wasn't caused by mercs but another problem since the waves will come whether you have a merc alive or not.

    But it is an interesting look and puzzle.
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    Hey guys, 

    I've gone ahead and merged these threads to ensure iMage reports are all in one place. You can rest assured we're passing the information to QA so they can investigate further.
  • Update showing the Bouncer Bear Barricade thing.  So here's how we had it set up basically. We were channeling them down the last row of books. I was just this side of the carpet/gap  and bouncer bear came running down and bounced me back and when I landed, I was inside of the smaller barricade placed at the end of the row. It was pretty strange.  Sorry I didn't get a screen shot of it when it happened but things were hectic and I was trying to figure out how to get out of the barricade so we didn't lose the level and didn't think to take a screenshot.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  • Kinda sad that there even needs to be a mega-thread over something as small as a single mercenary because of how buggy it is... It really should've been tested more thoroughly. Especially since it's singlehandedly ruining players' Chaos Keys.
  • I think iMage clones should not stay invincible where they die. Clones should just die and the iMage can just split again... that way, if they are stuck behind spawn, they can unstuck themselves... or at least have their clones stuck with them... problem solved :3

    Jokes aside, I think the easiest way to make iMage feasible, make them cast clones instead of splitting. I mean, when a Breeder throws his gnoll box into a wall, nobody thought anything about the box nor the gnolls. Same thing with iMage, if he cast images into walls, tough cookies for him and hurrah for the player/s
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    New mercenary constantly gets stuck behind the gates. I mean his real version. So it is impossible to kill him there.
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    Kjuby said:
    New mercenary constantly gets stuck behind the gates. I mean his real version. So it is impossible to kill him there.
    Thank you for reporting this. It is a known issue and details of this have been passed on to the team and they are working on a fix.
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  • iMage stuck in the wall on the unchained fortress map near the left spawn point. As I saw it he done that when he fell apart into more Images. (It happened early game and we had to fight with his clones under the full mach).
  • had bug in Throne Room in chaos trial ! he stay inside the left spawn but image come evry time since start of play ! 
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    oh, so its not a feature, its a bug... nice. had some of the reported 3 or 4 times already. maybe you can just turn him off. the games are created server-side, am I right?
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