Chaos Trail 12 Run Solo - Blackpaw

VarthftwVarthftw Member
edited June 2017 in Community Showcase
I wanted to share my last Chaos trial run.  It was definitely a fun journey to run a key all the way through solo. The amount of work was rewarding to get Baths as the last map. I failed on tier three just because of map (highlands) and modifiers early on (rubble, kamikaze kobolds). Anyway enjoy Feel free to ask me about the run or my overall experience on this journey through the Chaos Solo. I wasn't going for high scores I was simply trying to clear every time. Although I seen others clear 12 in groups, I wanted to try to do 1-12 solo for fun. I wanted to be one of the few to have cleared 1-12 all solo.I stayed up extra late to get the run in and will be heading to bed soon, but will check back on questions and post later on!


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