Does each tick from a fire-based trap (scorcher, brimstone, etc) help a trap w/ heat activated trigg

trigger* trap part trigger more than once?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Hard to tell 100% sure but I'd say that it doesn't.

    The Fire DoT can be stacked multiple times and the ticks happen during the same effect along it's duration.
    I also think that the Trigger works when a minion enters a trap area of activation / range, so I think that the ticks don't really have anything to do with the activation of the Trigger.

    A harder question would be if a minion is on fire when entering the trap range, the fire effect expires and it gets it again, would that affet twice the trigger? 

    I have no actual reliable source or writing about any of the above, just my observations and experiences =/
  • csward53csward53 Member
    edited August 14
    I'm wondering this myself. Also, how long does something need to be "on fire" before you get the damage boost. Can you place once trap (say, brimstone) in the same "zone" as a naphtha sprayer and have it count for the extra damage or does it need to be a full square back?
  • Also wondering this. It would be great if Shade or someone could make a obscure mechanics explanation thread.
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