Does each tick from a fire-based trap (scorcher, brimstone, etc) help a trap w/ heat activated trigg

trigger* trap part trigger more than once?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Hard to tell 100% sure but I'd say that it doesn't.

    The Fire DoT can be stacked multiple times and the ticks happen during the same effect along it's duration.
    I also think that the Trigger works when a minion enters a trap area of activation / range, so I think that the ticks don't really have anything to do with the activation of the Trigger.

    A harder question would be if a minion is on fire when entering the trap range, the fire effect expires and it gets it again, would that affet twice the trigger? 

    I have no actual reliable source or writing about any of the above, just my observations and experiences =/
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