Short question regarding the power generator and damaging gear stats.

Hello there, fellow orc slayers.
In the description for both of these tools there are some numbers which aren't really clear for me. The power generator says it has 100 + 10 health. Does that just mean that it has 110 health or does it get +10 each time a specific event occurs? 
As for the gear, the damaging numbers also have this. (example:fire wall bracers - dps: 5.6 + 0.6) I'm guessing that this could mean + 0.6 for each hero level, but the flame bracers have just a flat 46 listed as damge but it clearly increases as the game goes on. Lately during survival on crogon keep I did well over 1000 damage per shot.
So does anyone know how these numbers exactly work? And does the overprotective trait work on power generators?


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    The power generator health is a remnant from it's older mechanic. It used to be able to be disabled by being damaged but I think it's not the case anymore, or atleast no minions directly target/damage it. So it just acts as charges. The +10, no idea.

    While minions go through it, it generates coins and loses Hp, when it doesn't have hp left, it doesn't generate any more coins.

    For the Gear, it used to be extra dmg per battle level, not sure of what it stands for now, might still be the case. Although all damages produced by your hero are also affected by your account level and the party size.

    The Overprotective trait and the power generators... Tough one, maybe, should be "easy" to test.

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    Alright, know I know why the disabling is mentioned, thanks.
    I tested the overprotective trait, it doesn't work with power generators.

    Edit: I just happened to find out about the +10 health for power generators. They seem to get 10 health per wave. I just noticed while playing on highlands that their health bar looked very different from when I tested them earlier which was at wave 1 in the baths. Here their health bars were split into two pieces, 50 hp for each one. 
    I was on round 13 on highlands and noticed that their hp bar was at almost 5 pieces so almost 250 hp which fits to the +10 hp per wave.
    But I don't know if they actually get stronger each wave. It might be that they loose a percentage of their hp each second. If I happen to notice a difference in their lifespan, I'll let you know.
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