Bounty generator

Hello there,
In its description it says:"Increases the coin reward of enemies affected by the trap by X%".
Does anyone know what "affected" means? I just started upgrading my coin forge and since I have no other parts left, I put one of these into it and I wonder if this actually increases the amount of money I get since the coin forge doesn't really affect minions.

Does it mean that enemies killed while on the trap count as affected, that field traps tag enemies which walk over them for a couple of seconds to increase the bounty or does it only work on active effects (fire, slow, arcane debuff, etc.), rendering it useless in the coin forge?

Also, I wonder how the interaction with the power generator is. Does it increase the money gain (which I doubt), does it work when an enemy is killed infront of the trap or while it is generating coins or might this be a tagging effect aswell?

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