Today: AMA with OMDU Release Producer Phobos

No Insider Access today! Instead, we're hosting an AMA with our Release Producer, Phobos, on the Orcs Must Die! subreddit.

He's answering questions about bringing OMDU to PS4 and the OMDU patch and update process. The AMA is live, so head on over and ask your questions now!


Hi, I am Matt DeWald – aka Phobos – a Producer at Robot Entertainment. I've been in the games industry for a little over 9 years now, at Robot for the past 16 months. I wear many hats at Robot including, but not limited to, partner production (working with partners like Tencent and Gameforge), release management which involves making sure new updates and patches get out on time and prioritizing what fixes get into each build, and I also oversee bringing OMD!U to PlayStation 4. Yesterday we announced that OMD!U will be arriving on PS4 on July 18, 2017.

I am here today to answer community questions about the process of bringing the Orcs Must Die! franchise to the PlayStation as well as providing live service support for OMD!U. I’ll be answering questions early this morning and checking back in this afternoon as well, so get your questions in early!

Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
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