Possible exploitable issue, probably needs further testing.

In Restricted Section, there is an area the player can go and still pull aggro but is unreachable. Knolls will try to get there but are on ground level and end up running around not able to hit the player so if the player has no damage traps where that is the knolls will not die and the round may not finish, idk if there is a timer on rounds or not, was running through this when I found it.

go to 41:35 in this video to see it for better understanding


  • You can pull this off on all maps with Blackpaw.

    But I think after a while the hunter will just forget about you it just takes a few minutes. 

    This does need to be fixed.
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  • Also those boom barrel roller on the map which you can trigger, on this map, have no hit detection for the sides. As seen at 41:43.

    This also effects the first prologue level.
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