What boss is the weakest

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To me bosses are already a joke and simply serve as a mild annoyance rather than a massive threat you should drop everything to deal with. But my question is, who would you say sucks the hardest? Which boss spawns in only to be completly slaughtered a second later?

For me its either Bulgod who is just kind of annoying or Vitality who is just plain useless.


  • Bulgod doesn't get killed as fast as Scurvy Rumrudder. He hits hard but has low amount of HP.
  • Tubifore
  • SeanPoeSeanPoe Member, Early Access
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    Dread (increased hp aura), Scurvy Rumrudder (bonus guardian damage), and Sarge (increased damage aura) are completely irrelevant.  I don't even really notice they exist as bosses.  They just do nothing impactful.  0/10

    Tubifore and Orfum are trivial to deal with if you know when they spawn.  Just have a single Revenge Rune cade setup to take 70% of their hp and stall them.  They have a very minimal impact on the game.  Even if you don't have a dummy cade setup for them you can usually run over and kill them before they destroy a real cade.  2/10

    Iceberg has high hp and spawns elementals which can sometimes make it through your killbox.  Pretty trivial to deal with because of his extremely slow speed and the wonky pathing of the spawned elementals (often times they walk backwards through a killbox on spawn) and are susceptible to CC.  2/10

    Lyzander can be pretty annoying sometimes when he resurrects a bomber or fire ogre which then kills a cade, or when he resurrects a runner way in front of your killbox that you then have to chase down.  These are pretty rare events though.  Most of the time this boss has zero impact.  4/10

    Urza has very high hp but is very slow so overall he's pretty simple to deal with.  Just don't explode his 3 firelings on your cades or let them explode on you and there's really nothing to this guy.  Takes some finesse to deal with because of the firelings, but the boss itself is really easy.  4/10

    Swifthooves has the highest potential of any boss to take rift points but if you know he's coming and prepare for him he's really easy to deal with with most heroes.  Since he forces you to play differently and run to him asap he's definitely harder than most other bosses to deal with.  5/10

    Greenwalde and TikLik probably have the highest potential of any of the bosses to kill heroes.  Their laser-beam attack tracks through walls and if you get hit by it once it can kill you outright on low-hp heroes.  There's no way to dodge the attack, all you can do to avoid it is stay at max range and use CC to interrupt the channel if it gets locked on to you.  On high tier chaos keys or endless these bosses have a very high likelihood to kill low-hp heroes and take a substantial amount of hp from any hero.  6/10

    Bulgod can disable an entire killbox with his AoE slam which can be very problematic at high tier chaos keys.  His slam is also the highest damage ability of any boss and it stuns/staggers on hit so you'll usually die if you get hit by it (on higher tier keys or weekly anyways).  If you're using BGH traps he's trivial (like most bosses), but without them if he gets into your main killbox he can be very problematic (especially if you're going for score and suddenly lose all your combos).  6/10

    Gaedin the king of the bosses.  Immune to nearly all CC, very high health, high movement speed, hits hard, spawns elementals on death that then sprint through your killbox and also hit very hard.  By far the hardest boss to deal with in the entire game. 10/10

  • Agree about Gaedin and Bulgod, disagree about Tubifore and Orfum.

    As levels 100 they are easy as hell, but I still do remember when I was low level and it took me quite some time to take them out and couple of barricades lost. I don't like the revenge rune, always felt the reflective armor is a much better choice. When you have double struts and t7 barricades it is quite useful to leave kamikaze to hit your barricades and damage all the minions around them because of the reflect.
  • GustavoMGustavoM Member
    Snowflake is definitely the weakest.
  • mdragoonmdragoon Member
    GustavoM said:
    Snowflake is definitely the weakest.
    Snowflake is currently so insignificant SeanPoe forgot to list him XD he's probably an 0/10, very minimal impact, low hp pool, on par with dread, sarge, and scurvy as he only spawns on one map and his only ability is an instant freeze slow snowball toss.
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  • Don't forget they forgot to put no knockback on snowflake.

    So if you hit him with a knockback move he flys around the map.
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    If I recall correctly, Snowflake is a her, not a him.

    But yea, even if Snowflake was bad orc, it'd be hard to realize it when it's a boss that only shows up on one map.
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