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kind of a weird question but back in the alpha there was a german VO for every character.
Are there any plans to bring them back?
Why were they removed in the first place?


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    Hey there! There are no plans for localized voice acting at this time.
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  • It was also the case in the french version of the game. They also disappeared.
    So at one time there was definitely localized VOs; there were a lot of different voice lines, and they were also pretty well made. I usually dislike french voice-overs, but the ones in OMDU were very good. Great casting, great acting. Now I wonder why it's all been canceled. :)
  • All european voiceovers were removed ever since gameforge quit on distribution of OMD!U and the accounts were migrated. That could be the likely reason why there is no other VO than english at the moment. 
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