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Hi, I'm currently level 85 in game and love the game it's great. Most my levels are from playing sabotage but I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by being matched with completely new players. 

In an ideal world this could be potentially great, the minions are weaker (because the newbie brings down the enemies level) so my T6 and T7 traps will be so over powered, but alas the team mate never co-operates.

I'm a very patient player and very friendly ingame, I try to constructively help the team mate but the majority of the time they never respond (even when I use the ingame calls to sell a trap, buy a barricade or whatever) 

Now I'm currently rank 1 gold, which isn't anything special, I'm finding it very difficult to rank up due to being matched with newbie players very often, if the sides were fair and both teams had a newbie then fair enough (I mean, its still not ideal but atleast it's potentially an even playing field) But this isn't the case, when ever I get a newbie on my team usually both enemies have backplates meaning they're high level and have T7 traps. 

I do understand the lack of players available, however I would honestly rather wait an extra 5 minutes (on top of my current 5 minute waiting time) to find a team mate of a similar rank to me. I mean the singing ready up music is quite good and easily gets my attention whilst I'm watching youtube videos. 

It can't be too fun for the new players aswell, being matched with and against experienced players with T7 traps. 

overall it just makes the rank system flawed, as how are you suppose to rank up if you always get matched with new players but you're against experienced players? It's a free guaranteed win for them. 

It's worth noting I'm an EU player, so the time zone is probably the reason I'm being forced to match with new players, so I'm sure most of you guys don't have this issue, and by new player I really do mean T1 traps with sometimes 1 or 2 T2/3 mixed in. No T4 or above. 

I wouldn't complain if this was casual matchmaking, but the fact it's ranked and I'm working much much harder to try and earn my ranks than I should need to. It starts to become frustrating when you already know you're about to have a guaranteed loss based on your team mate and the enemy during start up. 

(they're not all bad, I've played with people who are T1 traps and they actually communicate and want to learn and I've actually won games with them) But it's not often, and it shouldn't ever be a situation I'm ever in for a level 85, with T7 traps and rank gold. 

Anyway thanks for reading, just wanted to vent my increased frustration as this has been going on for weeks now and the last game finally broke me lol. 
(that feel when you're playing banquet hall and have a long line a barricades up the side of the wall, and your team mate stands there with a damage aura spell and destroys like 8 of them, just fighting the minions casually) :D 

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    Even though it's ranked there's no seasons/rewards so nothing much matters right now.  If they ever add some kind of season then your rank would be reset anyways.

    Getting paired with new players who don't know how to play yet is a pain though.  Not sure if there is an answer - all games with PVP have this problem.

    I would suggest joining a guild of getting a good friend list with people who like to play sabo.
  • There is only so much matchmaking can do without enough players. I almost always play solo and don't mind getting matched with newer players since I don't really care about my ranking too much (gold 1 who dropped from plat because 2 5 year olds were arguing and one of them decided to put flip traps to flip over barricades (he also sold everything he could but I saw it coming and disabled for my traps).

    I realized there is no point to care about ranking at all. I only play the 2 daily Sabotage (almost always win 2 out of 2).
    By the way, I am not far from your timezone (Israel) though I often play late and I can tell you fairly certain that most queues are better during EU timezones. Should also keep in mind that players from EU, for example, don't always understand English. 
  • @Lemartes

    Yes, I guess you're right, if I want the accomplishment of having a higher rank then I will need to group up with some people of similar rank and avoid queuing up in solo.

    yes I saw your screenshot, that sucks, I must admit I had to laugh when I first saw the picture, because it is quite unbelievable, I do hope he received a warning or some form of punishment though. 

    And that's also a good point I didn't take into consideration they may not speak English. 

    I think I just play way too many games of sabotage per day, so if I actually reflect on the newbie to experienced player ratio in actual respect I probably don't get matched with newbies that much, it's just very easy to focus on those times and feel like its happening all the time. (it does happen everyday though) I guess I will just focus on the bigger picture, I mean we're all newbies at one stage :) 
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    In general, adding 5 minutes to the queue will not result in much better matches.  Typically, it just makes queues longer.
    Doug Houserman
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    Newbies need a training that teaches them how to communicate.
  • @ShadeDev
    That's fair enough, I mean deep down, I guess I already knew it wouldn't be possible to make a fair matchmaking based on the number of players who actively play sabotage.

    I guess I just needed to vent a little frustration and see what other players think. And they have offered some good feedback, (the possibility of the team mate not speaking English, or not knowing how to use the ingame command feature) and to potentially just queue up with friends. 

    I have to 100% agree with this on the basis I'm level 85 and I only actually found out how to use the ingame command system of "place barricade here, place trap here..etc" when I was about level 75. I think it should be added to the hints screen during game startup. 
  • All in game controls/commands should be explained in the prologue/tutorial. There shouldn't be all of this hidden info you have to find yourself. 
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    I don't have much to add regarding the match making since Shade knows a lot more about that than me anyway, but I would like to say that we've added a Sabotage guide (that also covers communication and such) to our guide suggestions. You can find the relevant thread here:

    If you have any more ideas for other guides or want to add something in particular that should be in the sabotage guide also, I'd love it if you could stop by that thread and share your ideas.
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