Lock skins, and dyes for auto use!

Hi Everybody,

It would be cool if I choose 1 skin, or dyes for any hero next time for the same hero the game would auto lock these settings for me. Its not fun to always lock this kind of things and when I forgot to lock it than I have to play with the basic skins. I understand its not a big deal to change this settings every time but its also annoying cos of the same reason. I think this is not a bad idea.

Pizza Forever,


  • Yeah I completely agree, it's so very easy to forget to choose a skin or dye whilst deciding what traps to bring for the map (and trying to balance your traps with the traps your allies decide to choose) it doesn't always leave much time for things such as skins and dyes. So a loadout save for example would be great. 
  • Has been mentioned before. I think at the time they said it was technically a big overhead to do this. 
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