trip wire placement problem

many patches ago you guys made it so trip wire could be placed over traps and it worked great. I could make a box with barricades and place it anywhere inside even if it crossed the barricade. I just used it today in rift lord chaos trial crogon keep and it would not let me place it anywhere that it would touch or go through barricades. it was impossible to use in my box anymore and not long ago I was using it in this spot fine.

I just did some more testing and found that you can place the trip wire first then place a barricade on top of it but if you place the barricade first you are unable to place the trip wire. please fix this



  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    @nthorn - Thanks so much for passing along those screenshots. We have passed details along to the QA team so they can investigate this further. If you see anything else, let us know!
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