Add "restart" and "back to lobby" buttons/votes to the game

Although I am excited to have yet another "Orcs Must Die!" game to play with friends, this latest installment is missing a few crucial functions: a button/vote that lets you restart the game, and a button/vote that lets you return to the lobby.

When I play the game with my friends, our goal is to always get four or five stars on every level (i.e. not leak any enemies). Therefore, if we leak enemies in the first half of a match, we'd rather restart the entire match immediately instead of completing the match without achieving our goal. In its current state, however, the game makes it really cumbersome to restart a match. If we want to restart the match, all players have to quit the entire game and then log back in. And even then, the game client might still try to reconnect you to the match that everyone left, forcing you to close the game and log back in yet again. And once everyone has managed to get back into the lobby, you have to remake the party and set up another match with the same heroes and loadout.

Although this process is more time-efficient than completing the failed match, it discourages us from continuing to play the game. Why isn't there a simple button that lets us restart the entire match without any fuss? I can understand if you don't want to allow a single player to force a restart, but this could easily be fixed by putting the restart to a vote: Once 100 % of the players in the match vote for a restart, the match immediately restarts.

There should also be a similar function that brings everyone back to the lobby. If you e.g. try a map for the first time (or you don't quite remember what it looks like) and you discover, once the match has started, that you have chosen bad loadouts/heroes, there is currently no simple way to change that. If you want different loadouts/heroes, you need to go through the same complicated steps as described above. With a button/vote that sends you back to the lobby, all that could be avoided.

I hope to see these functions added to the game.


  • Agreed. People have asked this for a long time, and still there is no restart button. It may seem like a minor quality of life improvement, but every time one of my friends started playing the game, the very first thing they asked was "Where's the restart button?". Having to quit the game and redo the party just because you want to restart the match is annoying and makes the game look unfinished. It should be more of a priority than it is now. :)
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    We hear you on this. It's been suggested very often but it's not as easy to do as you might think. As ShadeDev put it on a similar suggestion on steam:
    ShadeDev said:
    We agree. Since this game is online and has multiple players, it's a little more difficult than in OMD2. However, it's something we are definitely investigating adding as soon as we can.

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