Utility Trait

Hi, I've done a quick search and didn't find any results of anyone suggesting this idea. If there is please do link the url so I can take a look at why the community liked or disliked it (just interested) 

I thought a utility trait could potentially be a good idea, with -15% to all utility traps, (barricades, mana well, healing well, tars etc) Only traps that do no damage could be considered utility. 
More than likely this would just be used for the barricades and tar discount however it could potentially give some people a reason to choose the rarely used traps such as the healing, mana or shield. 

What do you guys think? If you think it's a ridiculous idea that's fine but please do explain your reasons so that I can see it from your point of view too :) Thanks. 


  • I see your reasoning is that there is a trait for each of the damage types but not one for the non-damaging traps. 

    I think barricades and tars would be too cheap and over powered with this. I don't mind it applying to the wells, although I don't see myself placing many of them, so I doubt it would be useful if only applied to them. 
  • @yobbobear

    Yes, I thought the barricades combined with the cheaper trap parts may end up being way too cheap with an additional 15% discount on top of that.

     Possibly it would be worth lowering the percentage however it would have to maintain a percentage that made it worth picking up, I feel 5% would be too low and nobody would choose it, 10% may be a reasonable amount. 

    I think it would be more than fair to say it wouldn't be worth bringing out if it applied to the wells only as I don't think even a 15% discount alone to just those traps would make people interested in using them (it wouldn't interest me anyway) 

    It could also take another route and give a huge discount to wells (such as 25-50% discount and an additional 5% discount to tars, viscous and barricades. 

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