Some Hardcore fights

So if you get bored in this game and you think it is too easy. This is the funniest way to play this game.

Get the Mercenary spawns on death on Chaos trials, start the match by jumping in a few times.
Here is some nice match ups. All on Rift Lord.

2x Pride hunters, One bear, a kobold and a dwarf Shaman. No surprise, we lost this 2nd wave. We got caught by the pride hunters and bear, they chased us back to the rift.

Rematch, we brought some better suited Heroes.

Now this was a hard fight. One of all of them except the IMage. It was a great battle many Orcs died. But we beat them. With about 10 rift points left.

Here is another Hardcore match up.

3 Bouncing Bears! and a Gnoll breeder. Many bears died in this fight. When they broke down the gate we had to flee.
I was being spawned camped by 2 bouncing bears!

We ended up winning, and also another two Bouncing Bears spawned during the match.
So if you are bored play this XD 
If you guys get some insane matches post them below.

The Merc spawn on death will only spawn 5 mercs, so you can only go crazy on one wave :(
Also waiting for a 3x IMage match when he comes out of retirement.

I want a weekly challenge called boss rush, only bosses and mercs spawn.
Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
New? Here are some Game Tipz.


  • Recently got a modifier combo that still keeps me awake at night:
    - Rift Point loss on Death
    - 1 Rift Point
    - Additional Kobold Kamikaze
    - Additional Cyclop Mages
    - Additional Pride Hunters
    ...And some other ones that I can't remember.

    Managed to win Level 8 The Wall with those, but failed the next map.
    Let me tell you, I didn't have to manually add more difficulty to make the Chaos Trial more hardcore. Had I sat on a piece of coal, it would have turned into diamond before the last wave. :)
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