Hey all! New PS4 streamer here

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Hi, I'm ObjBadGamer and as of today, I'm adding Orcs Must Die! Unchained to my regularly streamed games. I'm streaming through Twitch under the handle of ObjectivelyBadGamer (OBG for short and yes I know it's bad, but it's too late to change it now, I'm in too deep). My plans are to stream this game everyday this week, and then work it into a daily rotation for my gaming habits. Please feel free to stop by. I'm not the best at this game, probably not even in the top 100, but I try and hopefully you can have a laugh or two and enjoy your day. Thanks in advance for anyone who comes to visit!

Edit Note: I added a link to your stream for easier accessability, welcome to OMD!U :)
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    Welcome! We've got a great community of viewers for OMD!U that I'm sure you'll see frequent your channel the more you stream it!
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  • Agreed, and welcome! 
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