[PS4] Will we be able to communicate?

Greetings, this is a simple topic. I just want to know if there will be any way for us to communicate to other players in-game, via keyboard or microphone in-game. I know you can just make a party on PS4 and chat there, but in game i mean when you queue alone. Will there  be a way for us to communicate as in say "We need more traps on the left side" or "right entrance" something like that? Or just a plain old chat  to press "enter" and write. 

Because right now, it's really hard to coordinate with your team, unless you know them and are talking to them on PS4 or just got lucky and your teammates are really good.

So yeah, that's about it. 

Thank you for reading.


  • Agreed. For a game that relies on teamwork, it is really hard to communicate on PS4. 
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there! The team is looking at different ways to enable easier communication for our PS4 users but I currently have nothing specific to share.
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    maybe there is room on the D-pad? like aliennation...., 
  • Without VC I'm playing sabotage just enough to to get my quest and then never again.  Infuriating.  
  • Maybe using the touchpad? But that would limit the options way too much. I think the D-pad would work pretty well. 
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    The D-pad is currently allocated to gear (up, down) and consumables (left, right), so there's no space there (not that this displayed anywhere).

    The PC version has a comms system with a bunch of options like "place traps here" and such.  That could easily go on left-bottom touchpad click with the tab screen on right-bottom touchpad click. Not sure why they didn't do that. I think by default the Unreal engine can't distinguish positional clicks on the trackpad, even though that's a common PS4 trick, so maybe that's why it was omitted. 
  • How about just add actual in game voice chat? Yes alot ppl don't use mics and a quick chat system like in smite and paladins is cool but... we need in game voice chat.

    Also battleborn uses the l3 push in to ping a location this could be a start.
  • Mental telepathy
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    or generate a code system:

    Basic attack on the ground means "here" or "yes"
    Secondary attack means "no"
  • As Sashimiak indicated we don't have details yet, but new features for PS4 are being developed to address these complaints. Developing new features and even improving existing ones take time so we don't have details to share yet. Snarky comments that derail constructive feedback threads are not appreciated and have been removed.
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  • yobbobear said:
    Mental telepathy
    I second this. 
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